Why not make the founder's packs available again with a "claim coupon"?

Hi, I wonder why the founder packs are not available again “for purchase” but as a claim?

What I mean is, Amazon and Smilegate could find a way to claim the founder packs in full, but instead of buying the pack in $/€, amazon could send a claim coupon corresponding to what the customers bought via email so that the customers could simply claim their founder packs again on the new server region.

I imagine this would be a difficult task to accomplish, but I think it is quite possible to do, of course, it would most likely take a lot of time.

I can’t hide the fact that my enjoyment of lost ark has been greatly impacted since then, just on not being able to claim my full founder pack, but starting over without being able to receive my full purchase has given me a huge frustration. So yes, there are compensation rewards, but that’s not what I bought, well at least that’s not all that made me want to buy a founder pack, I’d really like to get back the full amount of fun I had because it’s a really incredibly beautiful game that’s successful and refreshing!!!

Could this solution be possible?