Why not shut the whole project down?

I don’t get it. Why make so much hype and advertisement about releasing a waiting game? I thought that closed betas and stress-testing were to prevent major errors like this? I just don’t understand why advertising a launch date knowing minutes before that thing wouldn’t work out? To me, that’s just false advertisement, a waste of time, and tons of wasted money down the drain.

And what makes matters worse, this isn’t the first time a game from Amazon had this issue. I smell an early shutdown coming soon! Just shut it down now and spare everyone the loss.

Please, just open a ticket and ask for a refund and leave. You won’t be missed.


PS. Like seriously, is this your first MMO launch? If it is, oh sweet summer child do I have stories for you.


just uninstall and never return, people like you are not needed. :slight_smile:


Played the game at early launch, no matter what’s going on from the little I’ve played it’s 110% worth the wait. I don’t play MMOs much because they are usually too much, but this game is clean

Sorry, but this isn’t my first MMO launch. I’m not trying to come off like a whiny little b@#!%, but I’m looking at this situation from a different point of view.

All that I’m saying is that if devs weren’t confident enough to fully launch the game, then they should’ve said something sooner and shut down servers days ago.

but you are coming off as a whiny little B

and btw, since you dont have your facts right, Amazon is publishing the game - the devs are from smilegate

Entiendo tu indignación pero hay personas que queremos jugar a este juego y lo estamos esperando aun después de haberlo probado merece mucho la pena y saldrá!! Estaras en Arkadia en menos de lo que canta un gallo hahahahaha :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:

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Doesn’t want to come off as a “whiny little b@#!%”, proceeds to be a “whiny little b@#!%”.

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Why would the devs shut down the game because there are connection issues? Reread what you’re saying. Yeah just shut down everything they been working on when they can just fix it. The devs, amazon, and steam are all separate.

Ok, so I’m whining. But don’t act like I’m not the only one upset. It’s sad to watch all of drama and upset folks that waited patiently. My bad! LMAO!

apology not accepted

All major projects have setbacks. All of them.
I have worked on MANY projects exceeding 10 million dollars over the past 15 years, and i’m here to tell you that THOSE aren’t NEARLY as interesting as a video game like Lost Ark, and none suffer from things like having all these various player bases.

I just want to offer a bit of life advice.

If you are going to get bent out of shape over something that no one owes you (you sign your life away in terms of service agreements), do the smart thing…
Find the launch date of the game you are wildly anticipating.
Then, on your calendar, mark a date 4 weeks later.

That’s YOUR launch date.
By then, people who go full straight-jacket-crazy when things are broken… have left the building.
Infrastructure evens out.
And you can play that relatively seamless experience because you didn’t want to deal with all of the inevitable chaos that occurs on launch days (and weeks).

This is one of millions of games available.
Also, there is always the ability to go see family, go for a walk, play guitar, learn a skill in real life.

Level up dude.

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I smell what you’re cooking Zeke, but can you honestly tell me that this situation could have gone easier with better communication, planning, and more prep time? That’s all that I’m saying.