Why not use EO with RS build?

I currently use Cursed Doll 3, Robust Spirit 3, Adrenaline 3, Awaking 3, and Energy Overflow 1. Why is this bad? I see no builds with this and I never run out of energy for abilities…Is it just because Robust Spirit 3 is worse and their is other better options?

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Half your build is built around awakening, the other half wants you you to use a diff awakening and set altogether. If you joined my raid with this i would block you. 100%. Never do this. You lost 2 damage engraving to build against your EO with RS. It’s actually the worst idea I’ve ever seen proposed on the forums.

one is all about spamming abilities with swiftness and the other is all about hype 3 phase with spec
why would you ever mix them

It’s just 5 points on a ring for EO lvl 1 and you can spam abilities while not in hype mode. Doesn’t sound so bad to me. As soon as you take the EO lvl 1 off your stuck with doing nothing until you hype meter is full again. It’s really confusing since EO lvl 1 doesnt give you any negative benefits except for 5 nodes…why not spam abilities while waiting for your hype meter to come back?

EO is swift. RS is Spec. They both want rather specific engravings and sets. It’s quite bad. With EO, additional Energy Recovery effect is not applied during Hype. There’s absolutely a downside. One of the primary benefits of RS is 200% faster Energy Recovery in Hype. You gotta read the stuff.

The engraving set up you are mentioning isn’t bad on his own, but first, it’s not necessary for the RS build and also, there are better options.

It’s not necessary because, even though it prevent you running out of energy, you can set up your RS build using generally low cost energy skills (Shadow breaker and lightning palm, what most RS users do), which allow you to still use damage skills without running out of energy (whith a good management of energy and cooldown, which are long with the RS build anyway) and without delaying or weaken your Hype 3 mode.

Morever, you’ll probably not even profit of the 5% damage during the Hype 3 considering that running with EO 1 won’t prevent you to profit of the 200% energy recovery bonus from RS.

There are better option by choosing engraving like adrenaline that can properly works at level 1 or 2 which fully empower the Hype 3 mode.

it sound good on paper by reading those words but in reality it completely useless.
Because RS don’t have cdr from swiftness and dominion so they don’t have the ability to spam like EO, and because of higher cooldown they have to save those skill or only able use 2 or maybe 3 skill before the hype is up again to maximize performance or you gonna loose your dps.

An interesting idea if you don’t care about min/maxing dps. Might improve the feel of the class :thinking: . I might give this a shot later in Trixion! I could be missing something, I’m in no way a good soulfist so take my opinion with a grain of salt xD.

Thanks for all the advice first of all. I timed hype duration with & without EO 1 , same duration of 20ish seconds. Then I timed the duration of the hype recovery to get back to hype mode with & without EO 1. Both were 26ish seconds. It seems “to me” the 200% Energy Recovery Speed does not matter with RS and you still get the 30% damage buff. “To me” it seems I can spam my abilities while I’m not in hype mode with EO 1 & not constantly look down to see if I’m about to go over. I see no downfall in the damage numbers with or without EO 1. So “I think” a ring with +5 Energy Overflow is a bonus and makes playing the class so much easier without having to worry about your spirit meter. Thanks for all the advice. I was just wondering why I saw no builds with RS 3 / EO 1. I guess it comes down to more & better engravings for slightly more damage. I’m fine with losing that. Thanks for the input gents. Peace Out.

You’re doing a thing called logical fallacy. Its similar to when smokers can’t quit, they make excuses for why its not so bad. Honestly, it sounds like you struggle with playing soul fist correctly. A LOT of people do. If you wanna play that way just find similar people to yourself and its not much of a problem. I personally would pick a different class over going this path. But, you don’t play the game to please me, you play it for personal enjoyment.

It sounds like you don’t understand the meaning of the class engravings while confusing with Hype and energy bar.

Robust spirit say you get 30% more damage during Hype 3 (while forcing you to go Hype 3 directly). More precisely, it’s not exactly 30% more damage during Hype 3 but above all your Hype 3 damage buff goes from 60% to 90% (you can look at the Hype 3 buff).
(That means that the damage coming from RS engraving is one of those rare engraving which the spec stat can amplifies it, but it’s a detail).

Robust spirit also gives you 200% more “energy recovery” (energy is the ressource you consume to use skills), which is significantly different from Hype recovery (Your identity skill).

The Energy Overflow engraving make your “energy recovery” the same whatever is your hype level, and make sure that the energy bar does not matter at all about your gameplay.

Both RS and EO engravings have nothing to do with the Hype 3 duration or it’s recovery, only your specialisation stat matter.

However the Robust spirit engraving already make sure you’ll never go out of energy when spamming in Hype 3.

My last post explained with more details why EO1 isn’t that great with RS build. The point of RS build is to DPS during Hype 3 and not without Hype.

“I see no downfall in the damage numbers with or without EO 1.”

Of course you don’t, because you can hardly take profit of the 5% damage of EO with the RS build…
And I still hardly see how you can “spam” your abilities without Hype 3 considering you have nothing to reduce the cooldown of your abilities.

I use cooldown reduction gems on some of my abilities. That’s how I keep my abilities rotating. Rarely do I ever run into a problem with not having any ability to use. So to answer your response which will be your not using cast speed gems for more damage. I think its better this way even with less cast speed. Do you disagree?

I really don’t understand this statement, maybe you confused gems with runes.

If you rarely run into not having any ability to use, does that mean you play with high swiftness ? Or very low cooldown DPS skills ? (which does not compete with most used ones)
That would not be optimised for a RS build anyway.

Base cd of all big dps skill is 30s or more.
If you build RS, ALL of your stats are at spec, bar for some crit in the necklace.
Even with lvl 10 cd gems, I don’t see how you “don’t run out of skill to use”.
So either you build wrong stats, or wrong skills, or wrong set.
In the downtime of hype you can just actually afk and look out to do mech, which is actually a luxury compare to other burst class like igniter sorc. They have to farm up identity bar again.

I would do it in a 5x3 +1 scenario. (The 1 being the EO)

Just for the laughs and benefit of being able to be more mobile with flash step and to use other skills while you wait for your hype to recover.

But then again, you could replace that 1 engraving for another that could benefit an RS.

Long story short, i feel that it’s always better to max out the full capacity of a class and master it.

To each their own I guess. I do use 6 gems that reduce my cooldowns. I also Quick Recharge rune (purple) on Flash Step. Quick Recharge rune (blue) on Force Orb which I know should have Bleed on it (or so the interwebs say). Quick Recharge rune (blue) on Energy Release. There I hope that makes it easier to see why I never have issues with ability cooldowns.

Yes, you are free to play whatever you want and we are not forcing you into a playstyle, but you’ll always meet some elitist people (that love min-maxing) bringing you usefull advice about optimisation that you might get aware sooner or later.

From my own point of view, running an EO build with level 7 or 9 CD gems, domination buff (-18% CD), 1300 swiftness (-27,5% CD), and only one quick recharge rune that barely proc in action, and depsite everything of that, I still happen to have few dead times in Hype 2, almost none in Hype 3, and some without Hype.

I hardly see how you can do similar, quick recharge rune, even though you can proc it 5 times in a rotation, it would be unlikely to proc it so that you don’t have to wait for CD.

Well I stream at Twitch
So maybe someone can show me because I don’t understand why EO 1 is so bad with RS 3. :stuck_out_tongue:

1475 RS Soulfist. I only have only 5 piece Hallucination, short the weapon.
3/3/3/3/2/1 with KBW, Cursed Doll, Robust, Precise, Spirit Absorption, Adrenaline.
All Level 7 Gems 1620 Spec
1.85m Dps @ 3:00 mins

swapping 1 line of Spirit Absorption out for 1 line of EO.
1.7m DPS @ 3:00 mins

The nice thing is outside of hype you no longer need to worry about Flash step draining your energy? Which with robust, its not like you really do much during recharge time, so that part of EO doesn’t really do much. Without any swiftness to recharge abilities faster, I am not able to spam abilities fast enough to stay under 30% energy.

And this was changing a engraving line with Spirit Absorption that just increases attack speed.

Switching 1 Line of Adrenaline for 1 line of EO
1.56m DPS @ 3:00

Because you don’t really want to be using your abilities outside of Hype 3, this of course depends on your ilvl. At 1500-1600 spec, i don’t use any dps skills when hype is recovering, it only takes 14 seconds for my Hype to recover so i want to have my energy release and merciless pummel etc. ready to go. EO is a wasted engraving if youre running Robust 3 imo

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