Why only 5 rewards if Vykas is not coming for one more week?

Why not release 2 tracks of daily log ins at once if you know vykas is not coming? just to save a couple of days? Also pls don’t be so stingy and if you are going to delay the patch put something good. Everything else beside the leaps was terrible.


You guys will find anything to cry about won’t you?


ofc people gonna cry bout this, its the 2nd or 3rd time now they gotta delay a patch cuz its not ready and then just give us some copium compensation


u gonna tell me all the people that possibly took a day of work or something similar to spend 8 hours raiding vykas or more on reset day dont deserve some compensation for gettin told patch is delayed last day

The lack of transparency is ridiculous.

For example, the game I mostly played before LA was release was Valorant. I still play it, but obviously not as much because of LA.

On Wednesday the new episode as they call it starts. Season with rank reset etc.
And even though it’s a game where you can’t prepare in no way, you just queue and play the game, they released the notes a week earlier just to let people know what to expect. Brand new content.

Meanwhile we know what’s coming, but we can’t get exact notes or date. Just ridiculously bad.


Nah not personally but im sure others did, i mean they said mid june this aint mid june no more kekw

So greedy people like you can complain and we can laugh about your sad existence

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Those pages long roadmaps, it’s like they don’t even exist :roll_eyes:

Such a hero standing up for those in need!

It is called FEEDBACK on the FEEDBACK part of the forums genius…

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Raad map doesnt say mid june. Only copium people believed in a exact date.
June 30th is still june and its a thursday. I mean they have been doing this for awhile.

They almost always release things they promise at the last possible second. Which is indeed a terrible practice.


And I’m leaving my own FEEDBACK on the FEEDBACK forums. So I don’t know if you realize this but this is the public forum. That means I have just as much of a right to provide my own opinion. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


You prob just need attention or love but do not worry my child. I will give you all your parents didn’t. Yes indeed this is not the “general bash send your OPINION of the forums” stay on the topic or open your own thread if you want to put YOUR FEEDBACK. If people is not happy or have any suggestion that is the reason why a FEEDBACK section of the forums exist.

So me disagreeing with the premise of your topic is still on topic. Believe it or not. :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

This forum isn’t a one way street. Again, this is the public forum for the game. You can leave an opinion, I can disagree with it.

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Ah youre arguing with a fanboy/shill
LA is the best game, AGS/SG didn’t do anything wrong and our feedback and concerns are seen as unfair complaining and downing his beloved game.

Its hard for these people to believe that a mediocre game (our version at least) is having a terrible time in the west plagued by bots that are killing it and managed by a company that cant proof read their own patch notes.

Yes LA is mediocre look at user scores :slight_smile:


we always have a dead working week (3-5 days) of no login rewards between switchouts

now the part where players were promised the glasses thats different

Dont bother, this is all youre gonna get, youre talking to AI designed to hate on everything

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I’m talking about actual patch notes.

Not just “you’ll get Vykas and Thronespire in June, Arcana and Hell Valtan in July”.

Believe it or not 99.9% of games release patch notes with the patch. Crazy right?

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Yeah, they do.

But every game I played puts the notes up like a day before at least. I’m in EU and we literally don’t get notes until midnight or something.

Is that so hard to do?

*Every game except Valve games, but they probably don’t even exist because there’s 0 communication with them, patches just appear and that’s about it