Why people RMT and why bots exist

So I have been hit withe the Pheon curse, can’t equip my alts.
I have already purchased them in the past, due to the silly prices on the AH I sometimes just have to buy gear with less than perfect stats and replace them when I can.

Last night against my better judgment I decided to get another 100 Pheons.

I bought £18 worth of crystals they sold for just over 5k gold with that 5k gold I was able to get 760 blue crystals, I know I fd up and would have been cheaper buying from the item mall but not significantly.

Anyway getting to the point I spent nearly £20 just to be able to do something I have never had to pay for in any game EVER, gear my alts.

Not only did I spend money but I still don’t have enough crystals to buy the Pheons.

If I had used RMT I could have got 300 Pheons, It no wonder people are doing it.