Why people want harder content to be released later?

i mean even if youre not 1415 or 1445 now; nobody force you to do this content. you wont lose something, if youre not ready now compared to others. i think its better to have than not to have or no? sorry for my bad english

You’re done with the why are people too lazy to level alts topic?

reported. this post have nothing to do with the topic and its just to provoke a conflict

This whole topic is to provoke conflict :joy:

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Because they want the bots to catch up.

These players would delay this content for so long that the game would be abandoned before valtan normal is out.

maybe it’s just you, if you can’t have a normal discussion and feel provoked right away

I actually think its painfully moronic for people to want the content to be delayed
they are basically shooting themselves in the foot

not only the legion raids when they can do them
but any other material generating system/event they’re adding with them

I’m not, I just don’t think another copy paste topic helps. There is literally one going strong right now about this.

I’ll just write you off as a troll

People who "play games* should be more disiplined and hard working right?


Its because they are in a "racing mentality*. They bought up the “item level* and *honing” bs, and so, they are struggling to keep up.

Someone should wake them up and tell them that the real end game is just hoarding gold.

Item levels will come anyway with powerpass.

I would have prefer Valtan normal (1415) and Biackiss normal (1430) before their hard mode. It is weird to have only Valtan on both mode (1415/1445). You can’t even craft a full set of relic yet.

Yes, it’s him, don’t worry

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they didn’t release it that way because that’s not how it was released in any other region

all regions got the respective valtan with hm then blakiss a month later with her respective hardmode

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I know, but they could adapt it for us. I still don’t see why they do it that way.

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i didnt know that. thx. never played any other versions of the game

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i think it has to do with when the raids were made valtan was it’s own respective patch and so on