Why play WAIT ARK today if you are Summoner/Arcana/Scouter/Artist/Reaper main?

see everyone else having fun while you’re forced to play an alt forever?
my sorc(the shiny new piece of junk they traded for the summoner) already 1400 ilvl and now we have to wait at least 3 months to be a CHANCE to really start to play? until there 3 months of chaos dungeon simulator ?


Suck it up im playing my alt wardancer till female berserker comes out in 2 years LOL
But yea it sucks


you can literally play male berserkers, besides female berserker is not out in KR yet while the other classes are? what is ur point lol

I agree that we need more classes faster thats my point. Just me complaining that female berserker isnt a thing (I cant stand the male character models)


When Lancer is out expect to see 4 man lancers everywhere and 8 man lancers in other content.
Shortly after it expect game to hit below 100k concurrent players and by time Destroyer is out around 30k.

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The majority of players don’t even know those classes exist. You’re speaking for a very small minority of people that played the Korean or Russian versions and are now playing this version. I’m not even sure why you would be playing the game right now if all you care about is playing a specific class that isn’t in this version yet.


I mean, i know it sucks, I want to play certain classes as well. But the keyword is want. How can you determine your main before you even play the class. Someone clarify that thought for me please.

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TBF, a lot of us have played them, not everyone mind you.

Thats what IM SAYING, how do you know if that is your “main” if you havent played it, and why not just do something you enjoy until the class you want comes out. This is quite common in KMMOs that release to the west.

I’m waiting for Reaper as my main and like a normal person am enjoying other classes in the meantime instead of complaining about how my life is currently meaningless. They will give you the means to catch your main up whenever it releases, I’m sure people would enjoy other classes if they actually tried.

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level up my paladin to 1415 when valtan releases, and sell spots to those lance master mains with my bard friend, get paid and get carried, feels good man

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I mean wouldn’t the argument shift over to, why do I have to play alts when I can just play my main that I enjoy more? Will people really be more satisfied with progression if they realized the game uses alts as a factory to help your main.

Also counterpoint, a lot of people just makes alts of the same class.

Its about class fantasy and aesthetics of it the classes.
Imagine you go to a pizza place and see someone eating a pizza with certain topings and even tho you never ate it with that type of toping it appeals to you and you wanna eat that same pizza.

Perfect example of that for me is Reaper. None of the current assassin classes feel like an assassin fantasy style of class, but reaper fits that character archetype perfectly and for me it looks like the most interesting as I enjoy that type of class fantasy and archetype.
Deathblade is more of a duelist or outlaw rogue style than an assassin class, Shadowhunter is basically demon hunter which has nothing in common with any rogue archetype in any game.

No he’s speaking for a very large majority of people who have access to youtube.

Yes, because the random dad gamers who play three hours a week and make up the majority of player bases for games are definitely going on YouTube and looking up footage of the Korean version of this game. Makes sense to me!

Did you already forget that a month ago less than 10% of the player base was clearing dungeons and raids according to Amazon?

Majority? Why is that majority? Because ure part of that group its a majority?
Majority are college students who have enough free time for mmorpgs, always been like that always will be.

My personal opinion is they need to release some kind of ticket that you can use that will automatically convert all of your gear to a different class so that you can easily switch from an alt to a main and not have to redo the entire gearing . If they don’t do that it doesn’t matter if they release new classes nobody’s gonna want to do that grind again and push past 1400 unless they thoroughly reevaluate the resource situation

Yup, I haven’t been loging in daily for a while now and it feels great. Not having to be at the mercy of these questionable business decisions and actually being able to play something you like is great.

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I don’t anymore. Maybe I’ll come back later.

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