Why play WAIT ARK today if you are Summoner/Arcana/Scouter/Artist/Reaper main?

You’re so positive, you must be fun to have at parties

I said F it and took a vacation from lost ark in Oahoo.


Shit, that looks great, I wish I was in your place.

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Ppl in here act like it’s so horrible to want to take a break. Go on a break, hell quit. It really doesn’t matter. I think most of you will come back, but it’s perfectly fine and warranted to want to take a break. Ppl have over 700+ hours already and yeah… you can’t keep that pace up without getting burned out

The trees here are wild…and the Ramen is fire!!!

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Probably a lot more fun than Wait Ark over here…


No, the majority of people that make up player bases are casuals who don’t really look anything up for games besides trailers, don’t use forums, and don’t care or even know about discussion boards.

And this is all after they took extra time to see where players were to release the roadmap. I believed them, but now? Not so much.

If I didn’t have 2 IRL guildies, I’d have already uninstalled. I still haven’t reached 1370 and done Argos/Oreha’s hard mode, so I wanna do those, but after seeing…another MA instead of a caster…

Sigh. Don’t know if I even care anymore.

wrong, anyone who had any interest in this game at any point searched for information online about it and was exposed to some KR or RU content, mmos are not for casual gamers.

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WTF are you saying ?? the classes arent new, everyone already knows whats wants to play even before launch ppl have access to youtube and internet if you dont know, even if they havent played on RU/KR server.
And just to you know summoner was the second most popular class on the beta, so players, YES they KNOW tha classes

and the problem besides waiting 7 months to play your class is starting the class from scratch, while other people are already months ahead of you, if there was at least one class change ticket the problem would be much smaller.

all players that played beta (or read about it) know that summoner exist

Welcome to 2022 where everyone has access to internet and knows how to use youtube. With a little efford you can know all the existing classes in the game

y. i alwasy suck it up

Personally I dont really care if Im behind in gear and progression with the class i want to play but what hurts me is that I wont get to experience Valtan and all the new raids for the first time with the class I want to play, that’s priceless and Im here forced to experience it with a placeholder main YIKES

Can we transfer our Sorc gears over to Summoner? Do they use the same stats and engravings? I would strip my Sorc and give it all to my Summoner is a heartbeat once it releases.

Nope. Like how all classes are, they all have their own set of armor. They will have similar stats but it will be something else, like spec wont be the same for sum as it is for sorc. Engravings will be the same as long as it isnt a class-specific one.

Even if my main classes are not out yet; Lost Ark is still a fun game, but I am playing very casually until those classes come out that way, I will at least have some stuff for them.

I love this OP. Play WAIT ARK now! :smiley: The best waiting game! wink wink