Why promote content that no one can play?

Well 99% of people can’t play.

What’s the idea behind the teasers, the previews, and promotion if people can’t actually play it?

Cause that content will stay forever and you can play when you reach that point.

Even when the game doesn’t have end game content issues (hello New World) people always complain for everything lol


To give you something to reach, better to do this than 100% mmo without content at all.

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you will get here, people these days…complain for the sake of complaining lol


why not promote it when people can play it?

Because, as you wrote yourself, there are some who can?
Just play the game and get there in your time.

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lol cause probably most people who are able to join are not even posting in this Forum ^^
(im one of the F2P people who are able to play the content ^^ and im active in here) And yes i agree its something you can reach theres no end of the road ^^ Its great to know if your playing a game theres still something ahead instead of a empty land of nothing.

I am already there. It’s not about me.

I am literally wondering what the point of all the promotion is.

Then why ask? It’s for people like you to have more content. And for people like me to see where to get to.

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Why ask questions? When you are curious about the answers.

Ok. And you got one. No hard feelings.

What do you mean? Just Swipe, and you can play it :money_mouth_face:

make sing “money, money, money…”

Best way to promote content like that, i think minecraft suites you.

Why not? I want them to release as much as possible so we can catch up with KR/RU. Let them release everything, I’m enjoying it at my own pace.

People can play it, the majority of the player base can’t. It incentivizes whaling, It gives whales and f2p junkies something to do and an actual T3 content to work towards once everyone else catches up.

Given that there’s something to do at every other point in the game except T3, it makes sense to add content to the few players who literally have nothing else to do but are obviously dedicated to playing and it’s the beginning of fleshing out T3. There’s so much more content in the pipeline, was there better things to add for the majority? Definitely, I’m waiting on multiple classes but you’re asking a question that has multiple easy answers and pretending like they don’t exist. Just say AGS is greedy and be done with it.

you guys dont have to create justifications for what they are doing

This might simply be a huge miscalculation because I can’t see how it is smart for them that the major parts of their March Content Update is exclusively targeted at whales or in game business sharks who abuse the market to generate obscenes amount of gold.

Honestly this made me realize that the game would clearly be better if honing materials were not party of the in game economy and simply all roster bound and not available in the shop.

There is enough pay for an advantage still even without it with card packs, rapport chests etc plus skins.

People whining on this are exactly the same ones that will say there is no end game content as soon as they finish the raid…

No, everyone is participating in an unofficial west first race. Didn’t you know that?
So excuse me… I’ve got to empty my bank account now, cause i can’t stand anyone playing content before me! Good day sir! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

because the “1%” (which in reality is probably 5-20% if we don’t count bots) keeps complaining on forums that there is no content to do.