Why release patchnotes one day ahead?

This seems like it only has negative effects. Firsty, people don’t actually have any time to prepare for the patch, for example if a new class releases or not. This matter because someone might not push their alt to t3 this week because they think a new class is coming in a couple of days, and if the class doesn’t release then they missed out on a week worth of mats from, for example, the piratecoin vendor. Secondly, it leaves more time for hype to build up to what the patch brings, which will only lead to dissapointment, which we saw today. The only reason I can think of to release it one day ahead is if they actually don’t know what will be in the upcoming patch themself. Which sure, could make sense at the start of the release where they have to try and push alot of content as soon as possible to catch us up to the kr version. Hopefully if that is the case that will changed soon and we will have more information and earlier patchnotes later on.