Why Restrict Valtan and Mari?

NA West has always been a region that was already underserved. EU having queues of 5000+ or 6 hour queues, but Valtan having its highest queue being a few hundred on launch day.

Why kill of Valtan and Mari with them NEVER even being full? A lot of F2P friends are now unable to play with people on these servers?

I have never even seen Valtan and Mari even be completely full even at PST Prime time…

This makes no damned sense, how the hell would anyone ever play Lost Ark if they cant even join the same guild as their friends…


Agreed. AGS Shouldn’t have locked these servers at all. Now I can’t play with my f2p friends.

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Yeah I only experienced a queue on Mari like a single time on the first day. Mari should not have been locked at all.

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As someone who paid for founders pack I was not able to go on Valtan. Fuck this shit bro. I would of understood if they server locked when f2p launch but when it was still pre-launch, locking Valtan was a war crime bro.

As someone who is comfortably residing in their stronghold in valtan, I am happy that AGS is doing their part to keep our ping low and queue manageable, even if it is a bit late. That said, it is 2022 and a trillion dollar company cant make a server for OCE?

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I checked both of those servers this evening ~8-9pm MST. Valtan had a 6.5k queue, Mari peaked a bit above 5k. Probably why they locked character creation.

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Also trying to get in with friends on Mari and its been locked since they announced the locks. Not even playing until I get to make a character on Mari or its all wasted time and money. They wont be doing transfers. Extremely frustrating, going to have to just sit and be around the moment server lock gets lifted