Why Shop changed and what is reason behind it?

Sorry, this is going to be a question but 4 days ago when we buy stuff from Mari shop they all were tradeable actually. But it really makes me feel like after some YouTubers, streamers told the tip players to buy from Mari shop then sell it and buy crystal with that gold suddenly we had maintenance and everything was once tradeable turned into Bound.

Maybe AGS saw that people actually taking advantage of this and actually I don’t think there is any advantage about it cause people is free to buy from the auction house or Mari Shop right? So my question is did AGS lost too much money on that transaction that wanted to change the rules of Mari Shop? Because Mari Shop actually the thing that protect f2p players not getting advantage of it but because Mari is included in in-game shop and Western players do not like to buy stuff from in-game shops chooses buy from Auction House which is making people actually lose gold in sense.

So again what was the reason behind this change and will Mari Shop ever have tradeable items again?

@Roxx @Seawolf