Why skins @shop are so few compared to original one? Fake dye system

For game launch I was expecting much more hype on items available on shop, especially cosmetics, skins. It’s not related to pay to win matter so what?
On original servers there are many and continue to come, we are always the bad copy of asian ones? Learn from Aion and the fashion walkway. it really makes every pg looks different. And why just 1 skin in all over the game is dyeable? What’s the porpuse to put dye if you can’t dye your usual armour too… Too bad for a new game that should be better of ones of 10 years ago.

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Because ppl would cry that there is not the skin for the class they play. Newer classes only have a few skins already in kr. Old classes have like 10x more

What was said in the previous comment.

Omen is one only skin even if it is by classes… Not even far from real skin shop should be