Why so many bad engravings?

Imho there are like 20 totally useless engravings what is reason to have them in game? Why smilegate doesn’t removed them long time ago? There is no reason to have so many engravings which cost 1 gold for legendary.

For me there is zero excitement from, loot chance for something good is like 1% which is just wrong. I dont even check purple jewelery on alts I dont care, also chance for good relic is like zero.

Domination and expertise stats can be removed as well.

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To make you swipe bro

It is to make the good ones more rare.

exactly, that’s the whole point, do you want every drop to be hitmaster/grudge specialization?
how would they force you to play more or spend money on crystals to buy gold to buy the good stuff from market then?

by adding shitty 3 additional stats that no one uses, a negative engraving, 1~100 quality, 1~5 engraving level, and finally useless engravings.

also you get 2 engravings per piece to cut the chance of you getting a useful piece by a huuuuuge margin, like instead of having 6/43 chance of getting a useful engraving if there was only one engraving, no, now you compete with all of them, now it’s down to 6 in over a thousand engraving possibilities of a combination of any 2 of them