Why so much hate on Whale/RMT

I have no care for RC whales, but the whales who RMT and completely ruin the games economy and cause huge queues for us regular players, they can fuck off.

Most whales are RMT that is why the game has hundreds of thousands of bots. For the whales that aren’t RMT would you rather have a doctor who went through all of medical school and earned their degree or a doctor whose parents had to buy the school a new library so they could get through. I’d rather have the person who earned their way there rather than a bad rich player with low skill and lower self esteem.

Lol you are actually unhinged. Try to calm down. Breath. Don’t have an aneurysm from all that rage.

The hubris in this two statements may hint what incites that so called “hate”, no one asked for your gold, your carry or your protection. Those are simply things to please your ego - to feel better than others. A game was always a place where everyone could be on equal terms, but you don’t want that you want to be above that.
The fact you don’t realise this may be another hint.
I don’t care for whales no problem with them if they don’t try to speak from above or think they are somehow superior just because they spent cash on a game.

Like many others said before me RMT is the real problem it hurts the revenue and health of the game. I can’t blame RMTers for trying to save half their money and more, but I can blame AGS&SG that close to nothing is done about it.

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Man those must be crazy good.

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RMTers isn’t be whale. You can’t indistinguishable between whale and RMTer?

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where does the money for the game come from then? someone’s gotta be paying Smilegate/Amazon

at this point i dont doubt that most whales are rmt some of us were stupid enough to play by the rules, myself included, and we’re the ones who are being looked as dumb, and it certainly feels that way with amazons disgustingly bad way of letting RMTers go for weeks and months without bans

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al least spending on ingame shop makes you support the game , buying gold from 3th party makes you support bots and god knows who out there using money for god knows what …

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huh? so if someone doesnt swipe that means he is poor? lmao. im 1445 atm, will be 1470+ soon with all the mats i have atm. all lvl 7/8 gems. i didnt swipe a cent.

No? You just bought from the gold guys then?

People don’t care about the whales because very few people are dumb enough to spend like $20k to have 5^3 engravings

People have the RMTers because they inflate the market and should be banned but arent
So it makes you ask yourself why the fuck I’m I not a G2Ger when nothing is going to happen
That way I can flex my giant girthy 100 quality weapon

Yeah we should all be thankful to RMTer for making the market a better place for all players and their contribution to the long server queue time .

These are not comparable. Someone whaling the game is helping the game out. Someone RMTing the game is detracting resources from the devs, enabling heinous behavior and being a menace to everyone by crashing the market

Nobody (reasonable) is malding about whales. It’s the RMTers and bots that everyone is hating on, especially when the solutions to these issues already exist and are very simple, but that they have failed to put into the western release for absurd reasons. Them not putting in the verifications and actually punishing RMTers has been the biggest factor in the decline of the game, especially due to how horribly abysmal the launch was when bots we’re filling the queue and hundreds of thousands of players not getting into the game and never coming back after all that

i mean step 1 is clearly a no-exceptions immediate and permanent ban for any account caught involved in either buying or selling any amount of RMT. letting any account involved in purchasing any amount of RMT remain active after any period is a kind of insane decision.

any degree of rmt (or botting) should clearly result in permanent loss of existing account and reset of all game progress to 0. there is no possible reason for any exceptions

Anyone else eating popcorn? Mine’s Great Value Extra Butter.

Well now adding that Skin Jar will more likely RMT’ers to go for buy gold instead of Royal Crystals :smiley: I m man of culture, i like to buy skins with real money and i did on Omen skins and Sicarius. I also would love to buy new Lego Skins with Royal Crystals but it is company keep pushing the wrong button. Solution? Make those JAR skins and like that features in the future can be accessable by both Royal Crystals & Gold. F2p goes tries with gold , real money buyers go for Crystals. Win Win situation.

I personally dont hate whales. In fact, it’s necessary and thankful that there are people contributing so much money since they are a main source of economy for Smilegate and Amazon, and if they receive money, they bring us content and improvements, that is to say, the whales contribute to the indirect benefit of all the players. Besides the fact that many players can benefit from the whales with a little luck in the auction house. But people who do RMT contribute nothing, help nothing, and in fact, cause the game to enter a gap from which it is difficult to get out, and that can even ruin the game. They take money not generated legally in the game, which does not help the circulation of the in-game economy and does not benefit Smilegate and Amazon, which means that if they do not make money, we will not get content. Death to the bots.

SG knew what the west liked. They are like, the WEST looves cosmetics. So lets take what they love and put it in a loot box. Because you know, paying 30 bucks like bdo, is not profitable enough. What they don’t realize is this will promote RMT even more than honing hahhahahahaha. Loot box skin means it will be extremely rare which means the AH prices of said skins will be no way feasible by ordinary means. People will rmt for these skins. without fail. There is no way in fcking hell where sosmone will spend$500 to get a full set where i can just buy it for $100 bucks thorugh rmt gold. !!! let some other sad sob fish it out from the loot box !!!

It is not meant to be an insult. I am in the same boat poor friend. We play the game freely very well, and that’s why we poor