Why so silent about the next patch?

I dont know if @Roxx is out of vacation (she always is attending us) but i´ve notice a black hole in the comunication since the problem with servers (almost 2 weeks ago), other CMs are really quiet and almost answering with copy pasta, this lack of comunication make some of us feel really bad cuz we´ve been prerparing for kakul, and new hero, but we dont know anything about new tripod system, char balance patch, etc…
Why ur so quiet???

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Typical 1 day before notice. Im starting to think they might be sneaking in balance update. I highly doubt they’d put tripod in with 1 day notice though.

But i guess ya never know

I´m starting to think they´ll only release the machinist and thats all :frowning: duno i hope we get some exciting news

Well, it’s a she. Roxx. And I complain about lots of things on this game, vacations aren’t gonna be one of them. Let her have them peacefully. Regarding others, yea, it’s a problem.

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It’s a possibility, they surprised us all with the honing buffs, so it’s not out of the blue

Just wait and see what happens

But yeah Tripod update needs more notice, the forums would be literally burning down if there wasn’t lol

Yeah, but every day that goes by means people spending more $$ on crystals and pheons (for Tripods). I bet they already dragged it out longer because of this and will continue to while coins are being put into the ol piggy bank.

Yeah, that’s true, but also making the Tripod patch viable with our frankenstein version might be an issue as well

There could be a plethora of reasons as to what’s happening, but I don’t think it’s just “They want more money”

i find this funny cause you are not 1 day notice for tripod nor balance patch (althought i find it hard to believe the release of balance patch same day as a raid , would be awfull for a few classes ) , you’ve knowing the balance patch for more than a month now . Even if you dont watch KR by now you already have heard something about it from somewhere you 've had plenty oif time to be ready tbh .

Yes its a she mistyped sorry for that

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The whole AGS service is the promotion for clown raid.


Yes… but not everyone reads up on it… you can garuntee there will be some that never saved their tripods, they just put them on gear. Those people with no ingame notice to ensure they save them or lose all their tripods would suck

how dare u assume gender

I’m sorry. I’m new to this gender stuff. I assumed so based ON A STREAM. But we can never know nowadays. :joy:

well now you have your answer. with 16 hours of maintanance you will not play tomorrow xD

You can edit the original post just to note :slight_smile: