Why some people included me don't rush or don't upgrade

Because we are not sure about the class we will play tomorow, i am still waiting my scouter class, and maybe this will be my main class, that why i don’t want to use all my mat on my gunlancer, if scouter come in june, i will rush him a lot.

That why i hope we get a real roadmap soon, include all the class, would like to know when the class come out ? If scouter come in december sure i will upgrade my main character right now, but if scouter come in june (which is possible) i will keep a lot of mat for him.


I mainly jump between characters and are bringing most of them up somewhat evenly in ilvl.
Since I still can’t decide on what character I want to main.
Also the 1 character that could end up my main could be one the unreleased ones.

Instead of banging my head against low honing rates on a character I am more aimed at doing the high chance honing on multiple characters.

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Im in the same boat. My highest is a bard that is sitting at 1385 and has been for about 3 or 4 weeks now. I dont plan on pushing anymore on it. Ive leveled a few alts up to 1340 cause more gold income but i dont see a reason to push if i dont know when Arcana/Aracanist is going to be released. I want a reason to push but i just dont see one right now.

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Nobody gets roadmaps that detailed. Things change way too fast.

i hope we get more information in may after the destroyer.

Pointless, you will get a superexpress with your class anyways, the later it comes the better the pass is

You should think of the game as having 6 mains. It is your personal army of 6 characters. Thus building one character won’t put you behind if your favorite character comes out, because they are all part of your family.

No thanks i have a life, i will play maximum 3 characters, you will tell me i will miss a lot, and can’t progress fast than someone who play 6 characters a day doing everything for like 8 hours per day. And i will tell you i don’t care at all.


I still don’t know what class I want to main so I just make the safe bet and boost a bard, you literally can’t go wrong with that.

Yeah I’ve yet to go above 1302 on NA. I only pushed recently so I could get T3 rewards from events and get more engravings and stuff. Not really interested in pushing for endgame on random classes

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If you plan to only play a few characters then hoarding mats is the move especially if you want to play scouter. If you play 6+ then I don’t see the point of hoarding.

@cheway562 Supports although being in high demand are super expensive to gear optimally. If you want a cheap class to play/maintain consider shadowhunter!

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All you really need is awakening and desperate salvation. It is not expensive to get both of those to lvl 3.

Waiting for Summoner… It better be this summer…

Sorry I didn’t mean you have to lol. I just meant you can choose to make up to 6, and you shouldn’t be forced to only spend on one character. You can build slowly or rapidly. I just feel that it might burn you out more if you kept thinking about efficiency for building your scouter.

Basically, just take your time, but I don’t think people should be forced to think that they HAVE to save for a SPECIFIC main. You can make as many characters as you want but it could be less stressful to think about specifically building for one character because it can ruin the game if it doesn’t turn out the way you like it.

Just my tip and looking out for you that is all.

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I’m waiting for scouter/arcana. But I did end up pushing my main to 1415, not rushed by swiping just daily progression. Knowing SG’s trends in KR and looking at how lancemaster was released for NA, they will give us options to express/knowledge pass up to “average” player level when a new class drops. I knew of people who saved their Vern pass for their main class to be released, but now we have a Feiton pass. It’s only a matter of time before we get a Punika pass like KR. Plus, having a character at 1400 doesn’t hurt. They generate gold and mats which you can hold for when your new class gets announced.

tbh if you want to slow play it thats fine.

but alot of people “think” they do until they actually are. people can only be so patient

if you are waiting months for your potential main (note i said potential because it might LOOK appealing, but not be fun too play. thus could end up not being your actual main later on). only too find that you need gear from content you cant access and it could take you months to access it. alot of people would probably be mad.

having 6 alts isnt some massive investment. but the payout is insane xD

the main reason to have 6 alts is the gold. anything past 6 is excessive from my point of view. but 6 gives you a steady income of gold which makes f2p life alot more comfortable.

Quick question: The Artist is gonna be released on JP and RU on July, if we also get her then, how would you feel about it ?

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If they release all classes, this game dies in 2-3 months.
A good marketing strategy, to release the game in 1 year.

Free hype for every month.

I would get a char to 1385 at least, even if you’re not going to main it.

I am waiting for Artist and I got a 1385 Sorc so that my Artist can get to 1370 quickly.
The time spent waiting can also be used to grind for gold to boost that eventual main char.

we are 100% not getting artist that soon lol

im fairly certain rox already said older classes are expected to come first right now. so assuming nothing changes, you can expect artist at the very end of the line