Why support shortage isn't a big deal

Instead of playing content at minimum gearscore and wasting your life waiting for a support to join, outgear the content so that mechanics that aren’t a 1-shot-mechanic, do very little damage to you.

Also, should you take some damage anyway, try these:

They’re kinda cool.



logic? in MY forums? REPORTED /s
jokes aside these people are just using this issue as an excuse to release their cute looking class earlier


so beat support problem by swiping.

Makes sense to me.


you litteraly get a farm that gets you mats everyday.

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Do I staple the iron ore to my armor to increase my GS?


gues you din’t check it out, you choose what resources to grow and harvest it all in one button.

You mean to make dps to learn mechanics or expect EU/NA to master anything ?
Too hard …
Also better to wipe 15 times then to pay 20 gold for potions … its mentality to been carried everywhere by tank, 2 healers and 1 extra buffer and their job is to click this rotation: Q W E R F D S A

mhm, which actually gives a lot less than it used to.

What I am asking is how does this help me to outgear content.

are we at the right topic? weren’t we talking about pots?
ah well.

Nah OP is going on about how you should just out GS content so it doesn’t hurt to get hit by stuff and basically saying your potions are better than a support anyway

ah k

And you will pay for these purple pots? You really think I’m going to spend 10k on pots, never.

The good thing is we got hundreds of free pots so you dont have to pay for it

Use green then, or blue.

You know how to hone, right? You played the game up until now, so I’ll assume you’re just acting like a dummy.

Hone your gear… sign up for content when you’re above minimum, use a pot once in a while.

Problem, gone.

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The only way i’m getting above 1445 to “outgear” the current content is by, as I said above, swiping.

You know how that works right? When the game doesn’t provide you enough resources naturally and expects you to open your wallet to progress further.

Also I watched a lot of 1490s get clapped for hours on Valtan HM… with supports. Wonder how they would have done with just potions…


You say they had supports and they failed? If 1490’s die to Valtan it is to 1-shot-mechanics.

No, your correct, pots aren’t gonna save people from getting knocked off the platform, just like their supports couldn’t save them.

Why are you talking about 1490’s anyway, when you say you can’t hone to 1445?

Hone your gear, sign up when your above minimum, and use a pot bro.

If you think supports don’t matter you are straight up delusional.

Also I said I watched them, you don’t need a high GS to watch content.

Who said supports don’t matter? Are you just grasping at straws now?

There is nothing else to it. I don’t care how you do it.
F2P, P2W, or even let other people bus you through the content with their overgeared characters.

You outgear the content, you take way less damage from everything except for 1-shot-mechanics. It’s not hard to understand.

Show me video how you clear Valtan hard without supports.