Why support shortage isn't a big deal

If you think supports only exist to prevent people from using healing points, then I am afraid you sorely misunderstand their importance.

Are you even doing HM right now? Just wait until your 1490 if you cant do it.

Your the one grasping if you think your potions and your GS gonna carry you forever.

Enjoy your pots and your argument, your wrong either way.

Go swipe your way to the top homie, we’ll all be proud of you.

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I am not whale and I have guild group so I have supports, but seen some streams ppl trying without supports and it wasnt even funny.

All current content is doable without a Support.

But you should ask yourself, work smarter or work harder? Pay more or pay less? Actually play the game a little more stress free or try to always play near perfection?

Then you take KR player thoughts about it, “You’re masochistic if you don’t bring a support”

Even though they agree that you don’t NEED one.

I mean walking is possible without feet, but your gonna be some sore by the time you reach your destination.

Yeah… it’s silly to actually attempt to throw supports out while they’re few and far between in comparison to DPS.

Yes, use your potions everyone! Learn to get good!

I think potions are even better utilized in emergency scenarios or when you want to speedrun content and have the support focus on big buffs. The shields will still come in handy throughout the encounter.

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Sure, I’d agree it is masochistic to go into Valtan AT minimum gearscore without a support.

My argument was out gear the content before you go in.

Then people start grasping at straws like:

“Well, I can’t hone without paying real life money” - Like I give a shit about your personal economy and how you play the game.

“Well, you can’t out gear Hardmode Valtan! I’ve seen streamers fail!” - Doesn’t change the fact that you take way less damage in Hardmode Valtan at 1490 than you do at 1445.

“Well, I can’t afford pots!” - Craft them sillybean

“Well, if you think pots are better than supports then you’re stupid” - No one said that sweetheart.

To everyone that disagrees, now, give me a kiss and go hone your gear.

cool story bro.

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Lol, go be bad.

Idk… seems it will take some time to get people that high of gear score to out gear that encounter as it’s still in its first week of release. I’m talking about the majority and such. 2 months from now it’ll be much easier for people to start outgearing it.

I’m just a silly Bard though. I ran Argos to P3 at 1370 lmao. 1415 atm

I have massive Artist copium and I’m stacking mats and munni.


You are recommending the best way to play the game is to trivialize the content by overpowering it, and paying the game a bunch of money to allow you to overpower it.

You strike me as someone who only plays games with god mode enabled. Saying you are at all good because you outgear something and won is about dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

Trivialize it by out gearing it vs. trivializing it by being healed?

What’s the difference.

It’s a solution to the shortage of supports.

Edit: Also, I like how you keep assuming I’m a whale because you cannot comprehend simple logic. Good job.

I don’t assume your a whale.

You are recommending the solution to the support issue is that everyone else whale until you just don’t need the support to begin with, which granted could possibly work for now, but not for much longer.

No I’m not, now you are making up arguments again.

If you do not out gear hardmode yet, then outgear normal mode.
If you do not out gear normal yet, then wait until you do.

The last solution is, stop complaining and wait for a support.

The best solution is stop paying attention to this thread.

cheers man, good luck.

With your silly arguments, it’s probably for the best.

Not getting hit is always an option too. Haven’t really failed me too much. But I do keep emergency blue potions with me for Valtan just in case.

Valtan cost me a lot more in destruction bombs than they do hp potions. Unfortunately, supports don’t seem to help save on destruction bombs.

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