Why tf do I get idle kicked in my Stronghold?

I just got idle kicked (again) in my stronghold, after being in there for 20min.
I wasn’t even standing around afk, I was actively walking around and chatting. The last message I had send to area chat maybe 10 seconds before the kick-popup came on.

Please fix that!
I totally understand if you have afk-kick mechanisms in place for various reasons. But this one ain’t working right.

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There is a theory going around that Amazon are kicking people randomly to keep the queue’s turning over.

Multiple members of my guild including myself have all been charting their queue progress since launch to try and prove this and after aggregating all our data have identified a clear trend of moving approximately 1000 queue positions per 10 minutes no matter what time of day it is.

We have a working theory that Amazon have something in place to monitor idle kicks and natural log outs - if they are not happening quickly enough to keep the queue moving they have an automatic system in place to randomly disconnect people, in order to make it up to the 1k/10min rate we are observing.

There is no actual hard proof of this mind, as we have no access to what is going on behind the scenes. That being said, it is the only rational explanation we can come up with as to why the queues move at such a steady and almost perfectly linear rate at all times which is highly suspect.


Same thing happened with me today. I heard people talking about disconnection protection; I’m not sure if it actually exists, but if it did, it apparently does not work if the game itself disconnects you for inactivity. I tried logging back in after I was kicked but saw a queue of 16 k so I just closed the game.

To be fair, correlation does not mean causation - this may be getting into sociology and psychology too much but maybe a good number of players plan to play for like 3 hours, so let’s say every second of every hour, a person starts playing for 3 hours, and then quits. It could be something as simple as that.

I would hope that they’re not just randomly kicking people for no reason.

I can absolutely confirm the game has crash protection - if you disable your internet connection, hard power cycle your PC or even just kill the game process with task manager you can log in without queuing, my guild has tested this extensively. It appears the game keeps your session open (for example if you are in a party, your portrait is greyed out with an “unplugged” icon).

If you are kicked for inactivity your session is closed, if you are in a party you disappear from the party roster completely as if you quit the game. This means crash protection does not kick in and you have to queue again to get in.

Correct. lol

Change AFK to 60 min from settings. Hopefully this will work for ya.

You clearly didn’t read my post, so why bother responding to it?
I wasn’t afk. I was actively doing sh’t.
And, even though unrelated, my AFK-settings are at 1h.