Why the black Shadowhunter?

Plz just make SH normal KR like.


Can we consolidate these topics into one?


The reason why the Shadowhunter is the way it is… is because of AGS…Here they are hard at work…

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I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean, those guys are awesome.

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I meant… muppets…
Muppets are running AGS…

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That makes more sense haha. I was going to say “WHATS WRONG WITH THE MUPPETS?!” and lay hands on you lol

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original shadow hunter in korea pre-patch

compared to ours:

so basically they didnt “change” anything, they kept the same line
but suddenly you care :thinking: where were you all these months before?

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Because they hates that one because it looked like a cockroach when it ran and that one doesn’t have the big boobs. Why they seem to think that SG has blessed everyone else with an awesome looking form I’m not sure. Clearly its AGS that made this look bad.

Didn’t really care before because I thought it made it look more like a cockroach that way. Then they took my ugly ass cockroach and made it into some amorphous blob.

Cause people thought they wouldnt change for the new form and they literally said nothing about whether they are gonna change it or not when being asked way before the new form coming to our version. Now KR are introducing new skins for Demon form. Are they gonna turn them into the same thing?

Can I get the sauce on this, I’d like to see.

2 months, 1,8k replies, AGS be line “Naaah this is fine”


it was always black
you didnt care
suddenly you do ?

what do you mean? People cared since day 1…


Shadowhunter demon form is a troll right? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums (playlostark.com)


Here’s all the compilation of the old demon form. The reason it calm down after June/July because of the new form and people asked about whether there is any changes gonna be happening. No one knows until it releases…
Why it blow up even harder? because everyone who plays SH and like the class thought it isnt going to be changed.

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See how that artist put on an Amazon Games logo? You forgot the panel where that person put a check in their pocket.

Accurate and valid. Bump

someone close this thread, they said the reason it will stay like this is because it’s a graphical issue with the amount of skin colour options. be done with it.