Why the Cali nerf?

It makes no sense at all. Is it because of NA diff? I mean, we are objectively the worst region in the game because half of us play with our monitors off, and the other half players spend time on the floor without a get up animation. Catering to these players is not healthy for the game in the long run because it’ll set a precedent that playing like an absolute dog turd is okay. Missed your entire doomsday combo 3 times in a row? Frontal LTS because you can’t position for a back attack? Can’t dodge lightning balls? It’s all okay. All this catering for absolute goons, while people like me who do 18 characters worth of Cali across 3 accounts don’t get rewarded at all. I’m refining my skills and mechs so that when I enter the next raid scheduled for release, I know I can stand out among the crowd and achieve that sweet MVP with cruel fighter 50%+. But at the same time, I wouldn’t want to to play with braindead players waiting for nerfs instead of pulling their own weight. Future content would just become mindless homework with no challenge and that’s not what Lost Ark is about. It detracts the fun from the game. Everyone needs to get good or else we’re going to get Brel Toddler difficulty where all the shapes go in the square hole. Absolute joke.


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It is what 99% of the playerbase wanted.

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It’s because it’s a very badly designed GR. I don’t think it was nerfed because it’s “hard”. Selling Velganos buses was a thing once and while it was more challenging than the usual for the more casual players it didn’t get nerfed and at least Velganos - once you learned the fight - is a very rewarding and pleasant fight.

I normally hate difficulty nerfs but this one I can agree with if they can’t make it fun it’s better this way. It’s daily content after all.


It’s time people recognized that after a certain point, Lost ark becomes a side game. This change helps with that.

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Username checks out.

Joke aside, it was a pretty annoying fight with the boss that just do


It’s not even the ‘fun’ challenging, it’s just annoying

Oh also, considering that you are doing ‘18 characters worth of Cali across 3 accounts’, shouldn’t you be glad that it stop moving around like it is having seizure since you can kill it faster now?


He’s (Calligos) too sporadic IMO, though I still like the fight like most guardian raids.

Because Cali is not hard, he’s annoying. What’s the point of making an annoying fight?


That’s just an excuse people use nowadays to say it’s too hard. Just say you can’t do it.

There’s nothing hard in Lost Ark.

Apparently there is if you need an already easy guardian to get nerfed lmao

Cali is actually the only guardian boss that I look forward to doing daily. I find it much more fun than any previous guardian.

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Have fun thinking Cali is hard. It’s just a guardian boss, every one kills him easily. But he’s annoying, not fun, so the nerfs happened.

Deal with it. You are not a good player just because you think the nerfs are not justified.


And you think you are a good player? Please. Stick with deskaluda bro.

This guy clearly is capping. As someone who actually does 8 chars of Carl daily, this is a welcome change. Carl was never a hard guardian. It was annoying. It moves too much and too sporadically. Legion raid bosses don’t even move nearly as much, and even when they do, there is usually a tell associated. Carl just goes crazy.

This is actually the only nerf they’ve done that makes sense. Carl is a daily that we’re expected to do, and it felt like a huge chore for most people because it was not a fun fight.

Now that the boss moves less a lot of people will be more comfortable doing this daily.

Daily content should not be as unfun and annoying to do as Carl.

Although I did not, most people skipped Velga for the same reason. However, we can’t skip Carl because it’s the lowest guardian that offers the new mats. So the Velga situation isn’t even comparable.

Think of all the other guardians we’ve had to farm?
Igrexion. Yoho. Deska. Turtle. What do they all have in common? They were tuned to being a daily. Easy content that’s not a hassle to get our rewards. Carl was a hassle.

As someone who supposedly does 18 chars per day (directed at the OP), you should agree with this.


Because cali is annoying lol


You say you do 18 Calis. Why wouldn’t you be happy to have an easier time? It’s not supposed to be a challenge, it’s homework lol.

OP is just salty like the name for losing MVP. Pos-attacker will take the candy away.

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cali nerf because western players are not skilled at video games and only want easy raids


Now they nerfing guardians that were trivial enough to do them on item level without a support?
What a F joke is that?
Edit: well reducing his movement is a good change tho