Why the game closes when you get a disconnect?

Can anyone here explain with technical reasons or theories of why the lost ark client gets closed when a player get disconnected?

Also getting disconnected during chaos dungeon should pause the timer and the player SHOULD be able to continue to clear the dungeon rather than failing to clear and not getting any rewards.

And recently during legion raid one of my guild member got disconnected so we have to wait couple of minutes just for him to online again. Imagine that.

I’ve played online games since decades ago, and as far as i remembered, there are no mmorpg that behave like this game.


Yeah, at worst, the game should just go to the server select screen. No need to “treat” people to the disgusting shut down + start up times.


Cause Smilegate can’t code for shit and their UX is horrible

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On Korea, internet is super awesome and doesn’t disconnect.

The disconnection is so you can take a screenshot and file a lawsuit again your Korean isp for bringing you shame online.

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core game mechanic, kmmo, deal with it or play something else!

Ok bye

Yeah, even a small hiccup in your connection will cause an error and closing instead of giving it a few moments to come back. My first mmo in 1999 had the ability to wait for connection to return from a hiccup. Too much for a game in 2022 I guess. Lol


I hope someone from ags forwarded this issue to sg.

@Roxx i wish someone from ags can forward this concerning issue to smilegate :pray:

@DevonK i wish someone from ags can forward this concerning issue to smilegate @TrevzorFTW

https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/w4sr07/is_it_possible_for_the_game_maybe_in_the_future/ @Roxx

one of my friend got disconnected during vykas, and were unable to claim his rewards thanks to the long loading time. i know the devs can’t do anything about long startup issue with unreal engine 3, but at least do something with the disconnect issue.