Why the Game wont launch on israel too? we are part of europe

turky / greace / cyprus /

those countrerys are like next to us

why we are not part of the game too?

i never played a game in my life with Eu premitions that didnt allowed israel to be part of it.
why amazon dont count israel as part of europe?


Because it´s in Asia?!


i play sins i 10y old online games and
now im 32

all the games i ever played counted israel as europe
and the ping with europe is 50-40 for israel
playing on asia is 160+

israel part of the eurovision too which is for europe …

we are litterly 15min away from greece

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Just because political reasons include Israel to the European area doesn´t mean it is :wink:

I´m sure it sucks for you but they have to draw a line somewhere due to many reasons. This time the line got drawn not in favor for you. You can probably still (ab)use VPNs iirc and play on EU servers.
No solution in “right” for everybody.

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well i work in greece
and i have greek credit card as well

in steam im by defoult on greece and i can buy the game without vpn…

the question is if i can get ban for that?

I cannot and will not give you advise on how “dangerous” this is for your account. But since the game is F2P, just give it a try for some time with a VPN and then decide if you want to risk spending money or not.

Cuz they need open to Middle East,
I am from israel to
יש דרך לשחק במשחק בלי ויפי אן דבר איתי בפרטי באינסטגרם אן פייסבוק Dolev vanunu
ו אינסטגרם dolev_vanunu

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Tripods do not exist in real life.

Australia is also part of Eurovision, and I wouldn’t exactly consider them to be european…

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Our partnership with SGR allows us to publish the game in specific regions that have been outlined in our contracts together – this is not necessarily based on the geographic locations of countries, but areas that we have been granted publishing rights to. Unfortunately, Israel is not included in this.


While we understand what your saying Roxx. It wouldn’t hurt to get some broader context on this sometime in the future from Smile gate. But, there is no use complaining about this to you. Its just that asking smilegate is not an option.

I even wrote them a email but they just don’t reply back.

it just makes me wonder what they are planning to do for those countries that are left out so far.

I’d love to have Israel with us.
Countries should have a say in this, and allowed to be in a group with their friends, or at least people allowed to join the region they like.

One world, one humanity.


Yes i dont get it too.
Israel is always part of Europe Online games…

Should be released for israel too


Australia is also part of the Eurovision xD

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No you are not part of Europe. You are part of Asia. Nice try.

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I think the europeans adopted israel so they don’t have to deal with the arabs.

Time to start playing friends, i guess ;))

This is so disappointing, me & my friends were planning to play the game, even buy founder packs for the pre-release. But I guess we can’t. We’re not equals.

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No person in earth is equal to another or they would be clones :smiley: It is best to not play victim or else I would advise to go to the Korean forums… the day it got released there… so they make a global release instead and see how it is received. They hold the rights, it is their product. That simple. Happens with a lot of products even if you do not notice.

Your not from Europe, you are from the middle east and so ergo from Asia.