Why the Hyper Express to 1370? should be 1415

new players should be able to play the GOOD content (starting with valtan) isnt easy to lvl up 1370 to 1415, they gonna feel the gray zone (1370-1415) and gonna quite the game

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sure u can do it if u want.

but with 6 alts over 1415 i dont need this, just is bad help

“new players should be able to play the GOOD content (starting with valtan)” - Then you have all the new players who are absolutely clueless. They won’t get accepted into any PARTY FINDER groups so they’ll just terrorize Matchmaking with no engravings and not knowing anything about the game.

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so they gonna learn that in 1370, ok

and players from others server with a lot of more exp than u have can join us.
new players dosnt mean no exp in the game

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But your post says “NEW PLAYERS”. So are they new or experienced choose one? Cause I’m replying to what you posted.

Also the “NEW” players can’t use Punika Powerpass unless they have completed all purples in Punika on another character in that ROSTER. Meaning people from other servers can’t use it either. Anyone who will make their first char on the server on a new roster will have to level/gear MANUALLY to T3 anyways. So it’ll take them a while before they even get to capped 1370 spot. Or maybe it won’t since they don’t specify it clearly so for people “transferring” servers within the same region it might work. For people coming to EUC from EUW for example it won’t work.

The whole point is even if you get people to 1415 with Express people who’ve played might be fine. People who haven’t will all join Matchmaking and terrorize everyone else with no engravings and stuff and then say Valtan is too hard and needs a nerf and that they also don’t do damage. I’ve seen that too often.

like in russia it should be 1415, if i wanna play with him thats the right spot.

true new players wont be able to use it, well sad, nobody want expend hours doing quest

Is it 1415 in Russia now or 1415 in Russia 5 months after the game had come out?

they want have NA equal RUss and Korea, so they should push NA

Players who are even F2P that played from the very start far outgear current content already. I haven’t spent anything on the game apart from Founder’s pack and I have 1482 main with 2x 1400 alts and 1370 alt with 1044 hours played. So I’d say they’re already pushing Western players pretty good.

F2P im my view means not funneling Crystals into Gold on the F4 Store to progress faster.

bro the comunity wont grow up, i played russ sever 8 month. in NA main 1490 +6 alts over 1415. nobody care about your personal progress, the game isnt easy from 1370-1415 u have to spend over 25k gold+ tonces of materials. whats the point of this pass? another alt? they need simplifies the acces to the mid end game for new players/players from others server/players who quited the game. or this game gonna die when others good MMO release

So, i tho this pass will help new ppl to come to play the game. The biggest cap in the game is the story, the 70% of my friends leave the game because of how long the story is.

They should create a pass that shortens the duration of the story.

The whole point of this update is to encourage people to make T3 alts. Did you read patch notes? All the stuff including honing buffs for T1/T2/T3 are mostly to help people who make alts right now.

They’re adding paid powerpasses so people who are new can just splash $50 or $55 and skip straight to Punika.

and get stuck in 1370. the help should be to 1415

I mean. Personally to me it doesn’t matter to what the express goes but T3 matchmaking is gonna be worse than it already is regardless. Also let’s be honest even if express went to 1415 those players still have to get past AT LEAST Hard Oreha, preferably Argos too if they want to get Legendary gear faster unless they just pay for a bus with the gold they “shouldn’t have” if they hone constantly being new. Another reason they probably did 1370 is because it’s easier to implement express buff on just blue/purple gear since they go to +15 max which caps at 1370. Legendary gear goes to +20 max and caps at 1490.

You will probably have big excess of mats to hone to 1415 anyways specially with 20% honing buff aswell as mats/exp/gold decrease on T3 honing. You have honing buffs and reward claiming till 1370 that’s all.

I level up my 2 alts from 1370 to 1415 and with all that help i spend more then 100k gold. You say that he need to pass Hard Oreha at least to get exp but i dont thing really matter, every raid is different and complex in his way. the first week all dying and the next week we clear it in a few tries.