Why the name golden river for the director?

I would prefer call him by his real name, even if the name is korean.


Better than Gold Shower


you make a point bro, but still

thats his character name on the KR servers

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It’s literally the English name he goes by. Like, we all use it for him all the time even internally in meetings and stuff.


Gol D. River, it’s that simple.


That doesn’t answer the “why” of the question, though :wink:

I could understand it if it were a translation/ approximation.

It’s really common for Korean and Japanese people to have an English chosen name.

They would be quite offended by your post btw.

For Koreans names have more meaning than they have here. They choose a English name because their Korean name is too hard to pronounce or because of other reasons.

Sometimes these names are given by parents or teachers, sometimes they are self chosen.

Oh, I’m well aware of that. But it would be nice to know why this name specifically, as per OP.

is for all the Money he gets from Pay-to-Win players.

is for all the Tears he collects from all those that do not.

You’re welcome.


That’s for some a pretty private matter and quite offensive to ask.

His name is a One Piece reference. Has nothing to do with Pay 2 Win or anything like that. Mans is a man of culture. I love how things get misconstrued in translation to such a degree. Then again it kinda baffles me because One Piece is even popular in the west so yeah no… I dont get it tbh.



Not really. There’s almost always meaning to name, and more often than not, people are proud as to explain why.

I guess the best person to ask would be him. If he considers that offensive, so be it. However, I would venture that there’s probably a rational explanation for that name specifically.

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Thank you for shedding light on this!

To be more precise, that character was refered in-universe as Gold Roger, but later revealed to be called Gol D. Roger.

And the whole arkesia has a pretty obvious One Piece vibe to it, even some races are.

Dude is just a huge One Piece lover.

Also, on the interview, he himself says Gold River, Gol D. River. to emphasize the reference

his In game name probably?

If you literally translate his name from Korean to English, it’s gold river.

금강선 is his name - Keum Kang Sun

Keum can also mean Gold in Korean
Kang can also mean River in Korean

He probably wanted the global community to reference him easier than his full krn name


Lots of gamers go by their tag…how do you not under stand this?

I shall call him Bob.

Hi… Bob (with emphasis on the last B)