Why the NERF is fair

I am gonna play with people who knows how to play.
Most of the casual will quit at T3 so the chances to find a dodgy group will be greatly diminished.

And of course I don’t want T3 to be nerfed, because that’s the real end game which is not supposed to be beaten by everyone.
But T1 T2, who cares? You all making a fuss about nothing.

Most of you already T3 so why you even care?

If they nerf T3 I’ll be the first one to make a thread complaining about it, but getting to T3 with a bunch of people who doesn’t know mechanics is way too time consuming and frustrating right now.

no… they wont quit, because if they nerf the raids in t1 and t2 they will still be here.

because ill end up with some weird coconuts in the party that have no clue what to do, because instead of actually learning mecanics, the bosses got nerfed and they rushed thru the content and ended up on the same party with me.
Its exactly like the educational system, you have kids that have good grades, they go to good colleges and they get good jobs as doctors and lawyers etc. And then you have kids that cant read or write, do you think they should become doctors and lawyers?
Stop promoting mediocrity, make players improve instead of nerfing content so they can progress.
I dont wanna be rude but if indeed there are people that cant get passed the tier1 and 2 its better if they just dont go to raids and instances anymore, cuz… i mean… you dont have to be a frikin ProGamer to dodge those mechanics.

By the time they reach T3 people who sucks would have left the game already.
But by making the T1 T2 faster (not easy) you give the chance for people who really wants to learn, more time to learn mechanics (by doing more dungeons), so by the time they reach T3 they (hopefully) get the hang of it.
People who suck will suck anyway and quit, but other people needs more time to learn as they didn’t play other version of the game before.

tell you what bruh, i trully hope that all those players who will rush thru the raid content will forever end up in parties with you at t3. Have fun.

Kanima says it the same for Korea, so who should I believe someone that’s playing since quite a while or some made up Reddit number?

  1. This is completely false and a lie spouted by people trying to drive their nerf agenda. The values in the beta were reduced from the versions in other regions, people complained, and Amazon reverted the values for release. If you need evidence of this you can visit Miriey’s thread here: Rumors about 50% guardians hp

  2. Speculation. We don’t know what the extent of the changes will be. Amazon has not disclosed them.

  3. By making the fights longer you are engaging with mechanics for longer. If we’re doing Alberhastic for 15 minutes it’s likely you’ll see three instances of spirit bomb, whereas if we’re doing the boss for 5 minutes it’s likely you’ll see one instance of spirit bomb. That’s more times you have to correctly do mechanics that can make or break your run. Don’t get me started on chip damage over time. What you’re saying is a complete nonsense argument that can be dispelled with some common sense.

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it is the same content as in all other regions. Somehow the russians manage to do it, the koreans manage to do it, the jappanese manage to do it, the west managed to… oh wait… the west managed to cry on a forum for nerfs. Am so proud.

Yeah that is what I wanted to say, people are just admitting at that point that Russians and Koreans are better players than NA/EU.

its embarrassing…

I don’t think Russian and Korean version released with T3. People had time to play and learn T1 since there was nothing else to play beyond that.
No need to rush.

In our version T1 T2 are transitional, and our T3 is the equivalent of the Korean T1 when it launched.

People don’t want to get stuck in mid game too long, no matter which version you played, and in our version T1 T2 is considered mid-game, even though previously they were considered end game.

If they only released with T1, I would agree with you that no nerf was needed, but this isn’t the case.

But we don’t have much in T3 atm, there are no Legion raids yet. It would be just bad for the playerbase if they would make the game easier now so that everyone can be as soon as possible in T3, then we will get complains about “Not enough Content” from the same playerbase that are now complaining the game is to hard.

Releasing T2/T3 is the biggest mistake this launch made.

If launch was only T1 (without T1 material islands), people would still be stuck at 300-600 ilvl, trying to beat Hinderbant palace.

And people would actually slow down and do the other systems like stronghold/rapport/collections and etc, or raise multiple alts.

And then release T2 and T3 at a later date.

Instead we have this zerg-fest……

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I get your point.
However as we all know, the game is kind of time gated regardless how much you make T1 T2 more ‘easy’.
You have to deploy several Alts to get around that artificial bottleneck, and most people just don’t have enough time for that.

I just don’t see casuals rushing to T3 any time soon even with the nerfs.
But at least it would make their journey more bearable and somewhat rewarding.

As long as they don’t touch the end game, I really don’t see the problem.

You actually need zero alts to get fast to T3, alts are starting to get important in T3 but not before that.

It’s perfect the way it is actually it’s very easy so that nerf I don’t understand what you guys want, I’m t3 I did everything very easily,

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This. They’d be stuck there and actually learning early game mechanics instead of being in a rush to keep up and not learning anything. I don’t remember what half of these bosses do once my ilvl allows me to move up. It’s funny because people think the game is teaching the mechanics. It’s not. It’s teaching people that once they get one successful clear - no matter how that is achieved - that they’re ready to move on.

No they wouldn’t, they’d be bitching about lack of new content and being stuck with ‘commoners’

Your also assuming everyone just raced to t3 and haven’t been doing those things as they leveled. Maybe they did, that wasn’t the games fault though.

I think many are getting a glimpse at the players attitudes of the self procalimed ‘elite’ and are making a point of avoiding being anywhere around them as far as ilvl.

No more nerfs!

If most players can’t get to T3, let them go at their pace. FYI most of the mats don’t come from Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons, they come from Chaos Dungeons and Islands. Don’t say Guardian raids and difficult and so we can’t get to T3. Thats BS.

A person who invests two or three hours every day in a game is not called “Casual” , is called an Adult with responsibilities. If I have to repeat a content many times to level and that content, no matter how difficult it is, it will take me an average of 15 minutes, and I have to do it with all my alters to level correctly, plus the abyssals, more history towers, farming nmaterials etc., it becomes tedious could be that the difficulty has a plus of 50% ONLY THE FIRST TIME. If you want or if u want real challenges that create content at once in the story mode, and that we have to break our backs to overcome the Challenge ONCE, do not smoke the slowness to level up, and on the other hand after the first time to defeat a guardian what is the challenge?