Why the NERF is fair

This is false. Miriey has proof, see below.

Raids are supposed to have 1 shot mechanics, things people have to do in order to not wipe and progress. If you take away that then what is the point, it would be just another normal mode dungeon with a HP sponge for a boss.
The content we have right now, the abyss raid bosses have 1 or 2 wipe mechanics. How is that difficult? This whole abyss raid point baffles me to no end, are people really that lazy to learn some simple 1-2 steps or are they unwilling to do so?

1: thats heresay and not actually Officially documented anywhere.

2: Abyss is SUPPOSED to be hard, dont like wipe mechanics? dont do abyss… its pretty simple. I have done a total of 3 abyss dungeons and im currently 1040 on my main.

3: Guardians are BOSSES, theyre SUPPOSED to take a bit of time. also ive NEVER had a run take 20 minutes in a pug Meeting stagger checks, and countering properly DRASTICALLY reduces time taken.

Every single one of your concerns save the first one can be solved by YOU GUESSED IT, LEARNING THE MECHANICS. I’m sorry but your complete inability, or lack of desire to put work in to learn a fight does not constitute needing a nerf. a SINGLE 5 minute video solves your last 2 points.

But thanks for the “Who’l line?” post, where everythings made up and the points don’t matter.

No by doing them solo. I just do record after records now since i beat EUC Queue Monster

who takes 15-20 mins to kill a guardian? i kill 1340 guardian Igrexion everyday in 4-5 mins with normal parties between 1340-1345 iLvl (no one overgeared) . you are just bad at the game, and inapt to put work on learning the mechs

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Of course you need to learn the mechanics, but if you run a PUG, as most people do, that’s not enough.
You might know the mechanics, but you only need one person who doesn’t know it to fail the encounter.
Since T1 and T2 are basically transitional, you end up spending way to much time in it because you’ll have to do the same dungeon over and over until you find the right group setup that knows all mechanics.
Making T1 T2 content faster to complete allows you to counterbalance the time you waste with useless groups.

Of course if you run a premade is something else, but most people play PUGs, that’s the reality.

Why you want to make T1 the end game content, and the instance when most people quit?

T3 is the real end game, and getting there with the whole honing gear grind mechanics is already hard as it is, why making it even harder for the majority of players who don’t have time to play 24/7.

wait why do u sound like u know what the nerfs are already?

did i miss a post somewhere?

AGS disagree, I guess they should stop publishing the game, so you can buy the licence and run the game since you seem obviously more qualified.

… all this drama. This is the reality:

  1. eventually you will outgear the raids and they will become easy even if they have wipe mechanic because ill will be the only mechanic that kills you.
  2. eventually you will learn how to do them even if u r a “slow” person. You’re gonna hit ur head on that wall 10-15-20 times and eventually you will learn to move those pixels in the circles or throw grenade or use stagger skills.
  3. Everyone says the same thing “tedious” … they are tedious now cuz you have a lot of things to do, quests/rapports/islands/stronghold, once you get into that reaaaaallllyyyy sssccaarrrryyyy end game that makes half the community wet their panties, you will enjoy actually using your character against something “tedious” as you call, when the word everyone should be using is “challenging”
    I remember the good old days when people in MMO’s used to gather and spend 2 hours being undergeared and about 10 lvls lower in order to do an open raid boss. Now unless the damn planets are aligned and there is a full moon and they have gear with at least 3 grades higher and the raid boss is nerfed to 0 they will go and complain for having to litterally click another 10 times… what a bunch of sads.

I hope they don’t change anything, it felt amazing to finally beat all of these.

everyone is acting like “omaga its so haaarrdddd and demanding” … bruh litterally u have to move your mouse a few times and click, u r not going to fight the russians in ukraine… dear god… People are so used to getting everything easy…

Most of the time I end up with only 2 survival members during guardian fights, which means that i either end up taking almost all the 20 minutes to down it, or we just don’t finish the encounter at all.

And that’s with no fault on my own.

People who played the Korean/Russian/Beta might not have this problem since they already are 1000 ilvl and by playing with each other they all know mechanics and have no problem completing the content.

But playing now T1 with a bunch of people who don’t know mechanics means spending almost 20 minutes for every Guardian, and half the time you don’t even get to finish it.

I agree end game should not be touched, but T1 T2 is not end game, and again core mechanics are not touched, so there is still the need for people to learn them to avoid wiping.
It’s not an I Win button.

so tell me what are you gonna do in tier 3? Do you understand that these lower raids teach players the mechanics that they will need at higher tier? so in tier3 the players that know how to play end up with a bunch of sad vegetables that will expect to get carried having 0 contribution?
No! raids should not get nerfed, because once they do, the crybabies will ask for tier3 nerfs also.
Put it this way, they are uncapable of doing t1 content what makes them think tier3 will change something? It should be hard so the nobos will get filtered out of end game.

I am gonna play with people who knows how to play.
Most of the casual will quit at T3 so the chances to find a dodgy group will be greatly diminished.

And of course I don’t want T3 to be nerfed, because that’s the real end game which is not supposed to be beaten by everyone.
But T1 T2, who cares? You all making a fuss about nothing.

Most of you already T3 so why you even care?

If they nerf T3 I’ll be the first one to make a thread complaining about it, but getting to T3 with a bunch of people who doesn’t know mechanics is way too time consuming and frustrating right now.

no… they wont quit, because if they nerf the raids in t1 and t2 they will still be here.

because ill end up with some weird coconuts in the party that have no clue what to do, because instead of actually learning mecanics, the bosses got nerfed and they rushed thru the content and ended up on the same party with me.
Its exactly like the educational system, you have kids that have good grades, they go to good colleges and they get good jobs as doctors and lawyers etc. And then you have kids that cant read or write, do you think they should become doctors and lawyers?
Stop promoting mediocrity, make players improve instead of nerfing content so they can progress.
I dont wanna be rude but if indeed there are people that cant get passed the tier1 and 2 its better if they just dont go to raids and instances anymore, cuz… i mean… you dont have to be a frikin ProGamer to dodge those mechanics.

By the time they reach T3 people who sucks would have left the game already.
But by making the T1 T2 faster (not easy) you give the chance for people who really wants to learn, more time to learn mechanics (by doing more dungeons), so by the time they reach T3 they (hopefully) get the hang of it.
People who suck will suck anyway and quit, but other people needs more time to learn as they didn’t play other version of the game before.

tell you what bruh, i trully hope that all those players who will rush thru the raid content will forever end up in parties with you at t3. Have fun.

Kanima says it the same for Korea, so who should I believe someone that’s playing since quite a while or some made up Reddit number?

  1. This is completely false and a lie spouted by people trying to drive their nerf agenda. The values in the beta were reduced from the versions in other regions, people complained, and Amazon reverted the values for release. If you need evidence of this you can visit Miriey’s thread here: Rumors about 50% guardians hp

  2. Speculation. We don’t know what the extent of the changes will be. Amazon has not disclosed them.

  3. By making the fights longer you are engaging with mechanics for longer. If we’re doing Alberhastic for 15 minutes it’s likely you’ll see three instances of spirit bomb, whereas if we’re doing the boss for 5 minutes it’s likely you’ll see one instance of spirit bomb. That’s more times you have to correctly do mechanics that can make or break your run. Don’t get me started on chip damage over time. What you’re saying is a complete nonsense argument that can be dispelled with some common sense.

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