Why there are so little to no Caucasian type faces?

On character customization options, especially for mage there are literally only 2 caucasian like faces to choose from and nothing else. And it is a common thing for most of the other classes.
I understand that its a korean game, but you didnt hesitated to put like 7-10 black african faces into the options, so why it is like that? You know caucasian type face is used by all sort of ethnicities like middle eastern people, central asia, europe and more? And im not really complaining about skin color but actual bone structure of the faces, there is little to no caucasianoids in the game to choose from.
how it is like that?

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Another thing altered by amazon, I like the new presets I don’t think anyone dislikes them at all, its just sad that they removed the old ones whilst replacing them with these new ones…

You can blame Amazon for sure on that one. They black-faced a bunch of the NPC’s in the game as well. You can tell who they are because they have caucasian features or asian features, but a random dark shade of skin.

As for lack of caucasian faces, I’m not entirely sure I’ve seen a lack of that. All of my characters, male or female, have had the ability to have caucasian features. Unless you just mean the presets?