Why there is 10K+ Queue in NAW and NAE is getting more busy. Here is the Answer you want

June 8th Update:

As you know, AGS made all the T3 Chaos Dungeon Materials bound to Character (Great Job AGS).
I can see the sellers of those botting scripts are losing customers and money. (They have taken a buy-one-get-one-free approach to promoting their products)

However, you may be wondering why Bots are still there after they limit the Chaos Dungeon.

The answer is that those who use scripts to run Chaos Dungeon are just “Player” like you. They only have a few accounts and can not make massive production. The biggest Gold Famer in the game is the “Company”. @Roxx mentioned in one of the topics that "AGS is against with bots companies and that is right."These “Companies” have hundreds of computers running Lost Ark. Farming gold 24/7 like a “Bitcoin farm”. They are able to create thousands new account everyday. They don’t play games, they just see Lost Ark as a business opportunity and the gold as the new “Bitcoin”. (Mining Lost Ark can be more profitable than mining Bitcoin)

The main gold resource of those “Companies” is:

  1. Una Task and Weekly Una Token Exchange

  2. Ark Pass T3 lv1-lv3 Gem Chest
    If you pay attention and check the auction house, you will see there are lots of T3 lv1-lv3 gem chests being listing every second, especially during the morning time. (Tips: Bots will always sell their item 1 gold below market price, so you can buy it at 17g in the morning with wholesale price and sell it at 18-20g at night easily. )

  3. Rapport (7000g per account)


And when they continue the trend of ‘take gold away from players to combat bots without providing any kind of replacement or discount on gold sinks’ it’ll make botting more profitable again. It’s a bizarre balancing act going on, truly.


This is a very informative post.


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this is some serious shxt~ I bet the only thing left for them to do is to get their business registered in NAS and then go public~

I wonder who started the business, that guy must be a genius

Takes one random guy to tell a billion dollar company how to fix the issues with bots.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

  1. Una weekly is necessary for player progression, keep it.
  2. Make ALL gem chests bound and remove them from the ARK Pass.
  3. Remove Gold rewards from ALL rapports. (Hurts some players, but a small price to pay).

Get this done ASAP and you’ll be making the game better for everyone and you’ll be earning more profits from Currency Exchange.


how did they make gold from rapport by the way? do they give out the rapport gifts? that takes a lot of providence stones.


7k gold from rapport requires 30 days
A bot isn’t banned/caught for 30 days and gets 7k gold.

Basically, they just mass create bots, some will get banned and some won’t get banned. Those that remain will reach the end goal of maxing out rapport to get x amount of gold.

Clearly, there hasn’t really been a recent huge ban wave in the past two weeks so if bots are left alone, they can safely max the rapport to get the gold to then mail transfer it to the main account to then sell/redistribute the gold.

but the daily rapport max is only 5 songs and 5 emotions, so they go to the npc to play songs and emotions everyday for 30 days?

That was just an example and not the actual amount btw, but basically yes.

It’s easy to create mass amount of bots accounts so some will slip through and eventually reach the total amount of days necessary to get the gold. It’s just a numbers game to the bot companies. They don’t necessary need to go out of their way to get rapport chest/stones.

You can use thirain as an example. You used to and maybe even now constantly see lines of bots rapporting him.

Good job on the Infinite Chaos dungeon change amazon, although I would prefer if it were completely removed since real players are still botting the hell out of it, but half a loaf is better than none.

This post is very accurate. If you notice the queue is still there and larger in some instances but is also faster since bots wont stay on one account 24/7 but switch to newer/other accounts to do daily chaos dungeons/weekly UNAs. For example, when I started this post que was 6.3k, by the end of me typing this it is now 5.5k.

Hopefully the next step they take is to close some servers to new accounts and purge the bot population OR make stricter requirements for making new accounts.

Agreed, the only solution is to close down all servers/regions indefinitely into more frequent ban waves into redoing the whole registration process by converting it into how alpha/close beta games let new players in. That reminds me time to bump that post from yesterday lul.

wow, thats some carefully calculated shxt. although they r annoying, I still believe they are really smart business men.

I still remember that after first ban wave sereval months ago, amazon so proudly announced “the victory” that they have banned 1 million cheating accounts. now think back, not surprised at all that with that attitude they failed completely

True, people who find ways to exploit and make money are by nature very calculative and intelligent ngl lmao. It’s really their trade of craft and they’re professionals who been running it for maybe as long as MMOs been around or rise of popularity of video games.

Unfortunately, it’s really just a PR stunt by Amazon. Afaik, no game as ever successfully suppressed and tackle the bot issue entirely because really it’s a complicated thing to do despite all the suggestions/speculation players do.

The chaosdungeon vendor change was the best decision. Just continue AGS. Gotta catch em all someday. Maybe sell some ingame toilet paper for those who cry about that change.

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lol :rofl:, I like ur “toilet paper” joke, maybe in-game “face tissue” is more appropriate for wiping face

Guys, give smg, steam and amz a bit more credit. It’s not that easy to get rid of bots and hackers. It’s a multi million $ game afterall. There’s a chance that the in game que aren’t bots but actual players.

Here is a video:

After watching this video, I found that it’s not that easy to ban bots or gold sellers.

From this video, it states that sometimes gold sellers don’t make $ from farming but by hackers finding bugs to exploit them such as:

Finding a way to change an item to be sold back to an NPC for x100 the original amount (or a set amount that the hacker sets)

This could be something like a hacker increasing the gold rewards from rapport. Imagine getting 999,999,999 gold instead of 700 gold from the Punika squirrel…

This is REALLY hard to pinpoint. That’s why we have the anti cheat system checking our files to see if we have tampered with them but hackers are hackers for a reason, they will always look for a way around it and are always evolving.

I bet that the lost ark dev team are freaking busy trying to find ways to remove them. After all, having the hackers/bots is never on their favour.

ok, no1 asks ASG to eliminate bots completely. we actually just ask them to put bots under control.
Secondly, hacker and bots are totally different things. hackers are stealing stuff, damaging servers while bots are purely business men who wanna make profits by sepculating.

as a result, bots are way easier to deal with. as long as u can put them under control, they can even benefit the in-game economy by playing a competitor to the official market (only if they r under control), while hackers are purely pests, which can bring a series of security issues.

hackers are far more dangerous than bots. u should wish u would never encounter a hacker.

I would really love to give AGS/SG a bit more credit and I recognize that it is not easy to get rid of bots. However, they’re being very inefficient and wasting their own resources and time choosing soft approach methods for the past few months. Realistically, the long queues people are facing are due to bot farms and not actual players. The sole reason is because actual players are maybe limited to how many accounts they could actually have running at one time. Meanwhile bot farm companies have the ability to run multiple accounts at one time per computer.

Anyways, all they have to do is lockdown all of the current regions/servers indefinitely into more frequent ban waves to cleanse all the bots out into redeveloping their registration process by converting it to how a alpha/closed beta game selects/allows new players in. Sure, a few bots may be able to slip in, but the situation will let AGS/SG have more control over the bot issue.

People and AGS are ridiculous.

Stop looking at the bots. AGS will never be able to handle the bots at a large scale without negatively impacting real players.

The excuse AGS keeps using is “we cant fight their automation”.

Then stop fighting the bots.

Fight the players.

All the obvious as fuck RMTers running around who get multiple reports. Ban them. Not 3 day ban. Not slap on the wrist. Perma ban these fuckers. Stop playing dumb and nice AGS. Set an example. Set fear in these scumbags. All these chinese RMTer guilds that are beyond obvious? Ban. All the transactions on Marketplace that are in the 300k+++ for tier2 gems/gear? B A N.

Stop using shitty excuses about how fighting bot’s automation is too hard. You dont need to fight the supply, you can kill their demand much easier.

Shit like this should be flagged and investigated instead of left roaming. There’s this Crystal guild on Una that’s beyond blatant RMTing. Full of +25 lvl 10 gems RMTers. They even openly talk about it on their discord servers.

Maybe some of them are legit Royal exchange, then just investigate them and ban accordingly. It cant be that hard… You look at their purchase history, does it make sense? No? Insta ban, because there’s 0 way someone is +25 weapon full +10 gems playing without royal exchange/RMTing. I know someone who’s spent over 50000$ on the game already through royal exchange and even they admit these people are definitely RMTing.


Another Morning, Another Queue.