Why turn off the verification system?

Why turn off the verification system?
I think the verification system helps a little bit, and as a player, I don’t find it too much trouble for me, and I’m fine with that.
But the robot may not be able to accept it, so I don’t understand, why undo the verification system?
Are all servers ready to enable authentication?

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Maybe AGS also need those cheap fishes :fish:


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Robot is AGS good friends, they can help New players leave the game another reason is Robots are loyal population


I guess they misunderstood when players said, “Now that you have something to keep bots under control, can you please remove the other player-punishing systems?”


That was only a test. They will probably need to fine tune it before pushing it to all servers. There were a number of errors to fix with some of the CAPTCHAs not having valid solutions and probably several other adjustments that will need to be made to timing and triggering.

They will probably update this later with more info.

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I think the bots were complaining to Amazon that they were always getting a DC and that the CAPTCHA system was unsolvable. So AGS turned it off again ^^

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i think they turned it off , so that they see the diffrence between last week and this week for data , how good it really worked… i mean you need data from before ->while->after

also its not just implement or not , there are so may things to have set proppe, also it cost alot of recource for the dev team to set it up like it was now, also to improve that bugs they had with clicking the right things and finetune it

if it was effective, im sure it comes back

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They want time to update those inverted kangaroodolphinbunny shapes

Because players loooks few… we need to make it look like more players are playing this perfect game

I can’t wait to see the reaction of people when they add captcha on every region and bots still running around

It was always meant for testing in the first place, you test, you find errors and fixt them, you implement another testing, no errors and roll it out to all servers.

As how things should be.

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The tested system was seemingly effective, but it also included known errors that wouldn’t be acceptable in a version with real consequences. If you fail the captcha because of a bug during last week’s test, you simply log back in. It’ll be much more problematic if that happens in the full/future version, where your account is temporarily banned and permanently flagged as suspicious upon failure, so it’s important for them to ensure that doesn’t happen.

maybe consider adding logic so that players with roster level 150+, 3 to 6 chars 1460+ or stronghold 50+ etc who are obviously not bots don’t have to do the crap in the first place. why do they actually have to craft everything low level and extra cheap?

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The test has concluded, and we are determining next steps for the CAPTCHA system. Will let you know when we have those!


Hopefully it won’t be long, I play on NAE but I’ve been hearing that it was pretty successful at stopping the bots according to the new NAW players I asked.

I don’t know if it’s the captcha that has done it, but my server Mari hasn’t seen many bots since before the captcha was implemented. Whatever it is, it’s been pretty successful at getting bots out of the game. It’s really odd to see Tikatika Forest with only 1 channel nowadays at any time at any day of the week when previously, there would be at least 5 channels active with bots everywhere.

Even Vern is empty of bots at the chaos dungeon area.

im only a new player but the bot problem got significantly better during captcha test and tbh it wasn’t that invasive, far less invasive than the constant disconnections with all the bots.

Same with Rohendel server, Lakebar is just 1 channel with 0 bots at the fishing spots which is odd -usually 30+ channels. And the fish prices is up a lot.
Yes there are still bots running around but not that many , and the places with multiple channels before are down to 1 or 2 . And sorceres gems are just 6k pages , before was over 20k

Not sure what they did and if is just because of the captcha , but is helping,

the captcha system is good. but if possible use a more clear pictures, sometimes it’s so hard to choose which one is the upside down one. and please don’t use “inverted”, looks like some player have a hard time what is “inverted” means. just say “up side down”