Why wardancer is bad (from a wardancer main)

I am a 1415 wardancer main (didnt push higher, just saving mats giving them to alts etc).
I want to lay out why wardancer is bad by just focusing on facts only. I did think her dmg is bad compared to other classes, but only realised how bad and clunky she is, by design, compared to an infighter/scrapper.

Here are some issues with wardancer:

  1. Mana intensive: Wardancer skills are mana heavy. Just a few cycles of the dps rotation and your mana is almost 0 essentially nerfing your dmg. You can fix this by using conviction, judgement and focus runes, but the really needed galewind and quick recharge will be missing from the skills leading to problem #2.

  2. Long cooldowns: Wardancer’s skill mainly depend on energy combustion → debuff->buff->hard hitting skills. This is the gist of the rotation no matter what build you go for (FI build, kookmin build, esoteric build). The cycle is long and you have to move auto attack cancel for the remainder of the duration while the cds comeback (Since you cannot equip many quick recharge as stated in #1). It does get better as gems get better, but even my lvl 6 gems cannot keep up with the cds at this stage and i doubt lvl 7 gems will make an eye opening difference.

  3. Dmg is low: lets face it, wardancer dmg is low at this stage in the game, and with the new balance patch coming up she will be even worse (no crit in wind whisper). I did some damage control by going kookmin build according to the number 1 wardancer theorycrafter in Korea, but I still have my doubts. Dont believe me? Go to trixion scarecrow and try out your dps for 2 min. No matter what your build is you will struggle to pass 650k dps (at 1400-1415 ilvl, higher ilvl will have a bit higher dps for obvious reasons) due to one of the issue listed in #1 or #2.

  4. Buff machine: Some ppl say wardancers are appreciated for their buff. That is true. But I am tired of comparing myself to other classes that just has higher dps. Did anyone ever appreciate you for the buff? Not in a million years. They only care about dmg and support buffs.

I am planning to swap to infighter main in the future for the reasons stated above. My alt infighter immediately solved all the 1-3 issues (shock build. taijutsu has lower dps) and with the 24% dmg buff to infighter in the future balance patch, my future is secure.

Edit: I forgot to mention that since wardancer dps rotation focuses on buff/debuff cycle, if the boss decides to go somewhere, your whole dps rotation is ruined.
Last but not least, her saving grace is the 80% dmg reduction ult, fist of dominance.


wqrdancwr comes online with the mana set apparently. you will mostly spam skills and do very good dmg. but yeah in our game atm it is like 50% autoattack 50% burst rotation. my ilvl 600 wd goes oom in 1 rotation. even with so much autoattacking i cannot do a full 3rd cycle. lol

my main is scrapper so i can compare.
you can more less say taijutsu is similar to FI and shock more to esoteric.

scrapper is very fluid. the most annoying is is goind away with the buff. (mini buff window)
so it isnt really a 24% buff.

dmg wise scrapper is also lagging behind but doesnt matter too much.

but wardancer is still 46637473738 miles ahead of crapfist. that is the true trashcan class that is even bad and negative fun in trivial content like chaos dungeons.

No, I meant that 24% overall dmg buff is coming to scrapper in near future balance patch. This is confirmed.

no it isnt a 24% flat buff (last time i checked), they remove your selfbuff from charge fist to make it easier. so instead of your 3s buff, you have the buff now basically always. make it easier to play and a little buff as well

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didnt u get a buff next week with your mana recovery ?
and a dmg buff on all esoteric skills

First time hearing that, conviction and judgement is getting a nerf too, which isnt great news

edit: ahhh yes, I know what you are talking about. they lose the crit buff in winds whisper and get mana replenish instead, so its not a buff

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2 spender build. WD main here.

1400 iLevel, running 3333 mass Inc, eso, spirit ab, raid cap.

720k Trixion dps.

Multiple mvp (90% of my group content).
Mvp cruel on first argos p3 this week.

Waiting for the next wd bad topic.

i found this, crit buff is removed i guess ?

I guess 2 spender build would indeed work better because:

  1. spenders dont spend mana
  2. cd is shorter.
    as long as the esoteric guage fills up fast (which I assume it will because wealth + specialization)

eso falls off late game. pros and cons to all. I dont play full esotetic. I play a hybrid version which is midway between eso/FI

One of the best things about Scrapper is that it’s very cost effective. You don’t need anything beyond galewind and overwhelm runes. And it’s pretty easy to understand and only gets better with gear, not a necessity like WD and some other classes.

When you say 720k dps what time window are you using? 1 minute? 2 minutes?

Yup. I would assume galewind would be the best since it doesnt need anything else

Your rotation cd is limited just like FI to your buff debuff CD. So no point calling eso cds.
My whisper roar CD are on 14s. So my downtime is only 8 seconds.

This would be the same for a FI if properly built. +the mana issues.

good point. 1 min is possible, 2 min might not be that much.

Galewind is great on the longer cast time skills, but having overwhelm on one or two key skills can also help greatly with your already amazing stagger.

yes you dont need any special runes, so it is a great starter class. but if it is just about runes, it doesnt matter much because eventually you will get the runes need for other classes.
WD without focus, judgement and conviction feels trash though. the farm requirements for those runes are quite hefty

so far couldnt find much negative for my scrapper, it is really fun


Sorry for lack of clarification. 1 minute, starting with 0 meter. If I start the test fully metered it could be higher given the short time. But if it goes longer, we can consider 720 accurate.

I can get close to that with 1 min dps cycle too. try two mins, I guarantee it will be a lot lower

You are right about that. I have 7 mains and i really enjoy scrapper. Goign to replace her with WD in the future as main

With my budget non meta build? I must stress that there’s no grudge or other crazy engravings here.

Will do one tomorrow since I’m out for today, and come back.