Why we aren't allowed in the middle east to buy the founders pack

i played beta and had fun with the game
so i decided when i know my free time to buy one of the founders pack

1- found the game got removed entirely from steam .
An error was encountered while processing your request:
This item is currently unavailable in your region

2- found i cannot buy it from amazon website .
You are not eligible to purchase this item due to geographical restrictions.

i have been playing mmo on eu servers since 2004
so i dont understand why the middle east and asia is blocked
why even open it for beta on steam and remove it later .

anyone know a line of communication with the devs that is useful ?!


Have you ever heard of the term publishing rights?
Smilegate said to amazon: you can publish in these areas. Nowhere else.

If you are running into an issue with that, either vpn your way in on your own risk or
collect people from your region open !one! megathread regarding publishing in that region and amazon will give this info to smilegate.

Otherwise you have bad luck.

See you in Akresia.

Sad, but true :disappointed_relieved:

Moving this from the German to the English Feedback category.

we need an answer please the fourms is filled with the same issue and no one addressed it yet

it has been answered already thousand times… would you mind please reading instead of spamming?
The game will only appear for EU/NA in the list that is found public on their website or on Steam.
Reason for this is the publishing deal they have with Smilegate the developer. If you dont know how publishing works and still want to grant , read into it.

They answered it here