Why we don't have a weekly quest doing abyssal dungeon?

We have the cube, boss assaut, but no dungeon, or even raid.

Would be nice to get other quest.

Because no one cares about these “quests”? It’s literally just “click once and do an activity you were going to do anyway for an extra reward” kind of “content”.

Not really man, if i could avoid doing some activites on my reroll, i would be happy.

Like the cube, i hate this.

guild weekly quest or solo weekly una quest ?

solo weekly

Do boss rush x2 and the raid thing on rested.

Well… People usually don’t like cubes but you really need silver and that’s a pretty good way to get it.
As solo weeklies, my characters usually do 2x boss rush + 6 guardian souls for some leapstones. Guess you can add chaos one to that if you are short with boss rush tickets and want to avoid doing cube.

i have 10 M silver.

Well I have to do 5 pvp matches with my main and each of my alters for muh progression rocks, as outside boss rush, pvp is the one that gives the most leaps so what can I do? And I don’t even like pvp

i don’t like pvp, and i’m not doing it, what ever the reward.

how about I give you a special weekly quest of doing chaos dungeon 10 times?

Why not, you can take it or not.