Why we dont have the emotes in korea or have a competition to have community emotes in the western version

i feel like we lack emotes or ways of expression in game or in raid it feels a bit bland in game, i saw on youtube videos and twitch streams that they have more community emotes than us :confused: can you guys have more community emotes in our version ty
Screenshot 2022-12-17 200420

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yeah thats why i suggested doing an emote competition for the west EU/NA/SA

that might also means say bye to playermade anniversary skins from kr :slight_smile:

that will be 99.99 sir, dont panic its on the bundle AND Valentines Pack…

wut, pretty sure I read a similar topic and I saw a post probably a twitter one, idk (god damn its hard to be old) that the creators of those Above said that he wants in to be in west as well, I think SG and AGS are trying to monetize the emotes, humble bundle much?

i liked these emotes

sg already has no developers left to fix the disconnects. what do you think they do when designers and graphic artists are also needed for west?

Thanks for providing this link :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Hire more, because they have more profit thanks to western customers? Nah, this concept is too wild, what was I thinking. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: