Why we still didn't get a single word for the Shadowhunter change?

And why it’s not reverted by now??? @Roxx @Shadow_Fox
Look how many posts/replies we got in less than 1 day lol PLEASE DO SOMETHING. NO ONE WANTS THESE CHANGES. OTHER REGIONS ARE LAUGHTING AT US.


if they want to keep the current one in game they can easily do that, just give us the option to choose, give the players what they want and not what you think it’s best for them or any other bs


@Roxx please respond. This radio-silence is simply unacceptable. And your “explanation” about this being for “visual clarity” doesn’t count because we all know that was not it.


Please change it, it looks really bad.

Like if I went to Home Depot, got the cheapest black paint, and applied it to the nearest Karen bad.


Please fix the bug, because YES it is a bug, why? Because that is not what was intended to look like by KR. Amazon fix your bugs!!!

As I mentioned last time,

“if they aren’t changing anything and keeping original they boast about it more than month prior and say things like ‘don’t listen to those dumb people who are arguing without source’, but when they are ‘westernizing’ stuff they keep radio silence until it finally launches and says something like ‘due to made up bs reasons we HAD to do this, we did not know until very last second’”

Example: when there was a rumor abt vykas censorship vs when SH westernization happened in first time

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I mean we have no other choice but to go on KR forums and get actual Smilegate to see this mess… We hate this, and amazon is literally silent …and I am sure that amazon wont tell smilegate the extent of our dissatisfaction…
I refuse to just swallow this crap after the first demonic form disaster


I like how the ways CM deal with important issue are either silent the community or stay silent. Keep up the good work.


they are literally laughing at us in Inven: 로스트아크 인벤 : 실시간 북미 pc논란 ㅋㅋ - 로스트아크 인벤 자유 게시판



This is just absolutely depressing…
I just don’t want to log in anymore…


I don’t have any SH but I’ve been advocating for ya’ll to get an option display from which you can just choose which form you prefer. We all know both form codes already exist it wouldn’t require that much extra work from their hands to put this into place.

I sympathize with all of you and I trully hope AGS will wake up from this woke nonsense that only ends up hurting the community.

After the Pheonganza of last week, you really thought these demons wouldn’t hunt you down ? People are SUPER mad at the game even if we keep login in.

I speak for myself but I think many would agree with me, at this point I wish I was playing on KR servers. This third party bullshit show is tiring for everyone ! Even for you AGS it’s tiring, you keep butching your job, we all see it you can’t handle it long run.


And I appreciate your part in this. What makes me sad is that the whole community blows over for pheons or w.e else (yes I understand it it very important) but the playerbase that are not SH mains do not support us with this as much… This is wrong…it is literally denying us of a full experience of the class…
People tell us to suck it up and play, but to me I just cannot enjoy my main anymore…and frankly I cba playing any other of my alts which are different classes … the whole satisfaction of the game just perished…


I can guess as to why no CM is writing here, other than that one German CM who replied saying “still looking into this”.

Roxx didn’t even know that the Shadowhunter model change was included in yesterday’s update, until the big patch note came out for us.

This is undeniable proof that:
a) CM has no idea what is coming with the update, what’s in it and how it is going to affect the game

b) They have no idea what’s different about things, because like stated in point “a)”, they have no idea what’s even in the update, and they also lack knowledge and info about the game like most players, due to lack of info, lack of interest, etc. (General playerbase is more knowledgeable about the state of the game and what to expect than AGS, since we play the game and we follow content creators who are at the forefront of informing the Lost Ark community, NOT AGS.)

c) There is someone up there in AGS, above CMs, perhaps someone in Smilegates (although highly unlikely) that’s making these calls for unwanted changes. Although I’m not completely ignoring the possibility that Smilegate’s involvement, I can’t imagine Smilegate purposely ruining one of their latest design just to shit on NA and EU, that’s opposite of what any gaming company would want to achieve, which is player retention. Seeing as how CMs has no idea what changes are coming and how this would be seen by the community, I’d say someone in higher position made the call for this unwanted change.

Regardless, it’s very apparent that AGS is out of touch with the playerbase and how deaf and blind they are, towards the feedback about the distasteful change that they’ve made to the previous/old Demon form, because IF THEY HAD PAID ANY ATTENTION TO WHAT WE’VE BEEN SAYING, they would know that majority of the playerbase DID NOT wanted those changes, and wanted nothing changed with the new model that KR recently got.

When I play my Shadowhunter, all I see now is a black/dark censored model in the middle of the screen that looks like half rendered.
I’m not going to take that whole “advantage in PvP” lame excuse. No other region had this issue, and no one in NA and EU certainly reported this as an issue.

Do better, please.
It’s beyond sad now, NA and EU is becoming a laughing stock of other regions all thanks to your brilliant 10 IQ move. It’s f*king embarrassing.


Brilliantly stated…


they are dodging shadowhunter posts like it’s matrix


Time to bring this to twitter and start shit storm.




This is the update from 4ish months ago on KR, clip taken from a popular SH player in KR.
From Roach to Butterfly

This is the NAEUSA version.
From Roach to …???

and here in picture form in case the viewer cannot see the difference


Sorry, you guys didn’t know? It was in our contract from day one: Don’t RMT, because for every million gold of RMT sold, Shadowhunter gets 1% darker. This isn’t blackface, it’s just the tax we’re paying for allowing people who RMT to play the game with us.