Why we still didn't get a single word for the Shadowhunter change?

How about no. PS is like not even a shadowhunter…beats the whole class aesthetic. Might as well just go deathblade

lmfao and in this case, it’s not even a black character, it’s just a demon XD

LOL, it seems for AGS black is the color of the devil XDDDDDD

I wont spent a dime on this game until they fix things, I had enough with these race changes, Jederico for example or Luterra Neria, but what they did with shadowhunter’s new demon form was too much. Cant they just leave the game as it is? There is reason the game became a success in the east and people from the west asked for it.

Since AGS seems they dont care about what the playerbase has to say, because all shadowhunter playerbase were literally begging them to keep the new demon form model untouched. The best way players have to make our request listen is stop spending in the game, if they feel the kick in their pockets they will even revert Jederico to the riginal blond model.

It seems in AGS they handt learn from what happened with the rings of power, Star Wars and other productions that became a failure because of being woke, it is a proven fact now that the motto “go woke go broke” is true, lets make AGS learn that the hard way.


Still waitiing for any response from eng CMs (day 6 since patch) :slight_smile: remove stupid shader on SH pls

or give us option to switch between original and AGS ver.


#free color de la demonic la
or let us the choice between both plz

Isn’t it? Dark mist and a void-ish black face is a pretty widely accepted depiction of a powerful demon. The grim reaper being a prime example even though he’s not technically a demon.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox #stopignoringyourcommunity

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it varies in the world I guess, in the East most demons are usually potrait as pale white skins while West usually like them dark skins, I mean sure theres a few dark skin demon girls in anime (especially Hen… I mean r18 Anime with extreme fan service) but most of the time demon girls in the Eastern part of the world are potrait with pale white skins majority of the times

The demons I’m talking about are those who don’t have human skin bro. Black as in pitch black. Like Omen in Valorant Beta. I don’t see how it’s a race issue. As far as I can see the demon SH is the same. It would be weird if it had like african sort of brown skin tho ofc

I am starting to feel like shes gonna stay like that… what a drag

another day being completely ignored :sunglasses:

Pls darken artillerist when he hops on a wheelchair.

I’d really like to see them revert this awful looking change and just copy/paste the Korean version 1:1. I can barely even see my Shadowhunter while transformed anywhere that’s not brightly lit and it’s frustrating on top of her just being a dark shadowy mess now with no discernible details in game.


What exactly are you looking for? They explained why they changed it.

Not directly affecting their income like pheon and cash shop related stuff lmao
And ofc the mandatory wash to make sure woke people that doesnt even play the game dont complain
Everything has to be political if u run business in murica


Come on AGS dont be shy!

I identify myself as dark shadowhunter.
Please do not say bad things about me you bunch of racists.