Why we still didn't get a single word for the Shadowhunter change?

I identify myself as dark shadowhunter.
Please do not say bad things about me you bunch of racists.

log in > dev tracker > ignored > repeat


cant believe you guys expect a response to this bait lmao, yall wild xD

We actually got one KEK

We indeed got one but this is as good as a non-statement anyway.

They could have just reverted this change and take an easy W because it is just about removing a filter/hue or whatever it is.

And need I remind you that it would take them 0 effort to just copy and paste the KR version over to ours and take an easy Win but NO NO NO, someone had to sit down and apply this ugly filter over our SH’s demon form and for what? No one is happy with this sneaky change. Even Korean players are laughing at our SH’s demon form on kr inven (their version of reddit).

@Roxx Please follow up with the upper management at AGS and devs at SG. Give us the ability to choose between this and KR version just like how you did with Korean Voice Pack. That’s such an easy win, why not taking it?


At this Poinht we should Flood theire Entire Support Mails / Webtickets till they get so pissed Off till they revert this change

Here you have the link and add the Photo :smiley: from KR

Web Tickets | Amazon Games

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Just give her a blue or red skin but give her some lights, I can’t see shit with that filter on and all the buffs

Too busy asking for gold for her feet pics mate, she ain’t replying, she hasn’t replied for the whole time last week, she ain’t replying now, I get the part where I shouldn’t shoot the messenger, but when the messenger ain’t even taking your message why not shoot them too lol


And…still nothing

CMs are in a winter sleep probably u know, hard to expect response

Please don’t change. I like the next dark model.

at least you are happy

Even if our skin tone pallet in our character creation is different, they could have used a different skin tone to mimic what KR has, they purposely changed it.

Not to mention that no CM or mod has commented on any thread not even with a “we’ll look into it and get back to you” you KNOW they were specifically told not to comment on any of these threads by their higher-ups.