Why won't we have all the skins from Korea?

Could you at least explain us why we can’t enjoy all the skins you have in Korea? @Roxx


American company, puritans.


Just cut the game then for NA like company’s do it for certain EU countries.

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Same reason why every region has had exclusive skins for their respective regions. They do however make exceptions every now and then

Cuz Smilegate decided that way, I doubt Roxx can aswer this.

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There are too many of them. Some of them old and outdated. No need to release all, just the better ones and release all skins that will be released in KR from now on.

the skins i saw on the wardrobe pics are legit the most dogwater skins i ever saw in any mmo in the last 6 year “better skins btw”

Those skins are not outdated nor ugly. Just because you dont like them they are not bad. There are however many older skins with low rez textures.

Unfortunately LA is Korean mmorpg and you will see many weird skins all over the place.

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Smilegate decided it. Thats all there is to it.

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honestly, they could bundle patch alot of older skins into our version
not making them available Is meh

but when it comes to decisions it’s not just ags but smilegate too

Good thing styles and preferences are completely subjective to the player. Just because it doesnt appeal to you doesnt make them dogwater. Cant please everyone 100% of the time. I personally enjoy having options to mix and match.


Expecting them to give us all the skins is absurd when some of the were exclusive for various reasons this thread should not even exist

Please as long as the legendary skins come out !!!

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im glad ppl can be pleased with bones

region-exclusive skins are a thing. It really feels like some forumers are playing from a deck with two cards; one saying “greed” and the other “puritanism”.

how did you pick out Korea specifically from that

it could be Russia, it could be Japan or anywhere

exclusives exist

the lawmaker skin for example is exclusive to our version, while every other version has their own exclusive skin.

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no like lawmaker u.u

The piecemeal strategy to sell skins followed by AGS/SG in the WEST is completely wrong.

Basically, all skins will be available when the real players base is 10 times less than now and the profits will be 10 times less than now…

This game is very demanding by western standards, for every new raid introduced more people will give up due to increased difficulty. If you have seen the hardest raids in South Korea you will realize that less than 1% of the players will go for them and the others will give up for other games that demand less to provide the same level of enjoyment.

Sometimes companies get the rights to do colabs with another ip for a specific region but for various reasons can’t get the same rights for every single other country in the world.

The reason could just be bureaucracy, doesn’t have to be any hidden agenda selection ~