Why would a Whale invest in a dying game?

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We had 1.3M peak, half of that 1.3M is 650k and just a month in we lost a little over 50% of the playerbase.

Who knows how many of that 630k are straight up bots.

I get that with Argos you’re openly telling everyone that you want to hunt whales and make as much money as possible but let’s be realistic, no whale is going to invest in a game that’s dying.

AGS NEEDS to start taking better care of their Western F2P audience before even more leave.

Start releasing classes quicker, make T1/T2 free honing and start adding in T3 content for the 1340 players who have NOTHING to do between 1340 - 1370.



Lmao that whale bait pic is probably framed on AGS/SMG office walls.

It’s their entire design and goal, they gotta remind their staff and devs every day xD


Ok yeah that’s pretty funny

Just thought it was an appropriate bait meme :’)


Maplestory players be like:


This. This is all we are asking for. Its your only chance at improving your relationship with the F2P community before it is too late. - if you care


@THC we need 500.000 dude :slight_smile:

FF14 is consider successful? It’s like 30k concurrency on steam.


If you think that Lost Ark was going to maintain 1.3 million players, you are delusional.

No game in the history of gaming has maintained it’s peak number.

People try out games and figure it’s not for them.



FF14 also has its own launcher. That 30k is just what plays on steam. This is only through steam and you can clearly see how only after a month 50% is gone. With 20% of that leaving immediately after Argos


Doesn’t matter when the game will be dead in another month with the rate they’re bleeding players.

And FFXIV is currently about 3.54 million accounts. MMO norm is that 10% of active account is online at any given time.

So that means 350k (and that is being generous, we don’t know how much FF14’s account is just older accounts since it is so old).

And to put it simply - a whale spends money because he wants to. To seek justification why they do it is pointless. The simple answer because they want to.

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People told me another MMO would die since the first month of release 10 years ago and that MMO is still alive today.

If the game isn’t for you, it isn’t for you.


i have 300 hours but i am bored …because i can’t go over 1335 … today my chest fail 6 times …is a bit annoying …

FF14 lost 80% of its population on steam since December.

You can say that they might have lost 80% on their own launcher as well.

Dead game?

Remember most of their player base uses the standalone launcher which is not reflected on Steam.

The majority use the standalone launcher. :rofl:

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Appreciate the feedback but the game isn’t ‘dying’. It’s just normal balancing that all games experience in time.


So if 50% left and 50% are left at around I think ~630k concurrent players.

Are you guys allowed to tell us how many of those are confirmed flagged bots?

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Whales don’t care about numbers of players… They want new content all the way. 'till servers are live.