Why would AGS do server merges at the same time new content is being released?

Yes, forum, I’m salty about this.

Why the heck would you choose to do the server merges at the same time that you released new content, knowing the risks? This is just really poor planning and it shows a lack of care towards the player-base, honestly.

I could understand if this was critical maintenance, but it wasn’t. This was optional to do at this time. All this has done is cause frustration from players that were eager to experience the new content - a 16 hour downtime essentially means that we’re getting the patch a day late.

It would have been smarter to do the merges before the new content, or after people had a chance to experience the new content if that wasn’t possible.


Business intelligence… Oh wait


They do care about their playerbase - the american one


It’s accurate, but it still hurts to read it out loud :cry:

Yes, really bad decision, you remember when they released vykas at the same time when they changed the weekly reset day so we lost a day that week on a new Raid, its like they dont even try to think


if you don’t like how ags :poop: on you with this release just quit , it’s that simple

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If we would do everything this way, there wouldn’t be a society to worry about anymore.

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BEcause theyre AGS

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what risks? having bunch of mad kids on the forum? nothing new they always here



I’m speaking about the technical risks of a server merge. Putting data-sets together, checking for data integrity, ensuring that there has been no package loss etc. These things take time and they can take extended durations if there are any problems.

I’m not 100% sure why you’re bringing children into this?

I would love to see them at least learn from their mistakes in the future.

so this can be a thing in anyday, why u worry that much if clown will be here tomorrow aswell? like seriously, if u rly stressed out that probably u cant do it today and need w8 1 day, u should take care about ur mentaly helath thats not normal at all (no negativity just facts)

because bunch of them making similar posts and raging about that like they alwys do? :smiley:

Another one

Addiction is a hell of a drug

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… But this isn’t an accident, xD69. This was a decision that they made that was perfectly avoidable. I think that people making posts to share their feedback with decisions they perceive to be poor is perfectly fair use of the forums.

Suggesting that I have mental health issues because I have an issue with my service provider’s service provision is a bit much, don’t you think?


I think that it’s right for people to be allowed to vent their frustrations at a poor service. Not really that much to do with addition. I’ve not been playing Lost Ark, I’ve been waiting for this patch to return to the game, as it happens.

Do you genuinely think that this was a smart move from AGS @Fluffernutter? To do the patch and the server merges on the same day? Or are you just venting your frustration at people venting their frustration?

Yeah, but not in like 100000 threads… i mean come on at some point it’s just data trash. Why dont you everybody joins the other threads to complain?

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Do you see the irony of complaining in my thread when you could just keep your complaining to one of the other threads and then this one would just die, wouldn’t it? lol.

But I can understand your comment. Thanks for contributing.

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Because they are dumb

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Am I complaining? It was just a comment, cause I think if one thread got like 100 post from different people about the complaint instead of 100 post from 100 individuals it got a different impact

Very kind of you :wink:

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