Why would they add the 1415 hone buff?

Cant wait to see 8 bots in valtan nm/vykas nm lobby
or deskaluda lobby fill with 4 sorcs
Or better yet MATS PRICE DROP due to quantity increasing + blue crystal price goes up to 5k

Think about it
GOLDS is now worthless due to the 1415 honing buff… Think about it, 1370-1415 is the most gold consuming due to the +5 enchant per gear and GHL(this is the main reason we dont see bots at 1415 above)
But golds gonna be worthless because people dont hone above 1515 at this points since we have no idea when brelz gonna comes out.
Many bots at 1415 = golds from valtan + deskaluda mats = more mats in market = more golds owned that people dont use for hone = golds price IRL drop = blue crystal price goes up = inflation all over again.

and yes i dont mind the 1415 hone buff, but at least wait for brelz to comes out (new mats to use for honing)

Edit : destruct stone drop from 15-11 in a span of 3 days. Ghl drop to 57 too. BC is 3,2k golds
cant wait to spend 20k golds to buy 30 days crystaline aura.

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It would have come sooner or later.


i dont mind the hone buff comes after brel (new hone mats), but on clown? big L

Thinks very hard.


Because it already exists on KR.


Because it makes no sense to give 1415 a year from now. It would have little effect to anyone.


I mean the real solution is for people to stop buying RMT gold

…lotta people don’t like that solution


bro they are deleting alot of gold income tommorow for the bots and you complain about 1415 honing buff ???


Also too I think we’re at the point where now 1415 can be considered the “average player”

Which is nice in some ways

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Because people need to complain about something. If something good happen, they will find another dumb reason to complain about :slight_smile: Pretty standard at this point.


i do think the 1415 is good for the game youve seen relic acc with class engravings they are atleast 150k + for a low quaility acc

more new players is good for the game people can do legion raids and argos etc.

there more good things about this honing buff then bad things ngl bot will be in the game despiting honing buff or not.

Lolz. There really is nothing that people wont complain about. Cracks me up for realsies.


yeah deffo true !

The real question I have now is can Valtan be botted by 8 Sorcs that have barely any gear and mokoko suits

maybe you have no idea how much this will impact the markets in many way.
More mats + more golds, but people dont use the golds to hone, because they already HIGH enough for brelz.
I’ve seen chinese rmters with 1540 all across 6 characters, so i know this will hurt average player, more than botter/rmters

Don’t ask why, because hone buff is inevitable!

yes but this is too early. If it’s after brelz, it wont impact the market so much. But with the current state of bots farming in chaos dungeon, all the mats quantity will overwhelm the market.

Mats would be cheaper though. You buy the cheap mats and hone… that is your gold sink right there.

I believe this is good for the game because many people can now experience the legion raids.


The other big thing is people doing Deskaluda and Valtan = more relic drops = more accessories on market

Will it be perfect, nah, but there are positives

Because people want it?
Have you ever read any topic about honing on this forum?

Yes and no. The botters would have to manually play at least some of those.

But if the cooldown hacks are still effective, they can do it fairly easily and fast. In long term the bots might be able to be programmed to play Valtan. Although it’s complicated of course.