Why would they add the 1415 hone buff?

why not?

Makes sense

Iunno (I’M NOT CONDONING BOTS WITH THIS) it would be pretty cool to have a program that could do that without the cheating

Just seems interesting

read the whole thing.

yes people do want it, but they drop it at the wrong timing. With the current state of market, this update will just gonna make it worse.

Really nice update, isn’t it? Thanks AGS.

Cheaper mats as result? damn, even easier to raise alts.
Blue crystals more expensive? Whales must be happy i guess?

very nice

Vykas hard is already filled with bots, they have 1490+ ilvl, 5x3 and lv8+ gems and can’t do any mechanics

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i did and i ask again. why not?

considering you can get 50k golds for 1 USD on 3rdparty. Yes whales will be happy, Not spending Royal Crystals lmao.

then you should read it again.

I’m complaining that there is nothing I can’t complain about

before honing buff : accessories are so expensive please ban bots omg i cant play. gg amazon

after honing buff: gold are now useless, look at g2g 50k for 1$. everything is so cheap market is broken. gg amazon

dont buy gold from rmt
ban people that do it, easy fix

tell that to amazon, i’ve never see a perma ban for RMT. The longest i’ve seen is 9 months, and the shortest is 2 weeks.

most accessories is 100-200k, considering 50k is 1$. 4$ for 5-3 relic necklacewith 90 quality dont seem like a bad deal.

Why doesn’t anyone care what you think

risk of getting ban after 1k hours for $4 totally, worth it

I’m not reading all that whining garbage.

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I’d hope database queries of people’s ilvl would also inform the decision.

Bots will be migrating to South Vern and multiboxers will be having a field day at SV chaos gate

You sure you don’t already work for AGS?

It seems “solutions that hurt the players” is the only option y’all like :rofl: