Why you forcing our alts to do feiton?

Logged in into my alt to find out im kicked from punika at the dock and i can’t access punika till i do feiton… Whats funny is that i already done all the quests on that alt except feiton… why force me to do it?

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For those locked out of Punika can you clarify if you’ve completed Feiton or previous regions quests?

I completed yorn on mine & skipped feiton ages ago. Now my 1430 lopang sorc can’t get into punika and it yeeted me from punika to feiton where she has no triports. Iv had that character in punika for almost 8 months and now she’s locked out of it?

That’s the whole point, in the past you could do Yorn, hone to 1100 and go to Punika immediately.

That’s an awful unannounced change, lmao

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We skip feiton because their abyss dungeons are dead kinda and dosent lock us behind anything… I.E: If you skip yorn you can’t fuse gems.

And yes personally i done yorn and rohendel on that character, just skipped feiton only

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My very first Character that I leveld by myself from Luterra Story to Arthetine, North Vern, Rohendel, Yorn, Feiton, Punika and North Vern (I skipped Shushire and Anikka a year ago) has now no longer access to North Vern, Punika, Rohendel etc.

Same with some Lopang chars that I leveld through knowledge transfer to North Vern. I have no access to Arthetine any more and my Bifrost keys got deleted…
No issues with Characters that pushed with Punika Power Pass

Sorry Smilegate/AGS but … wtf are you doing?

im thinking something, and that change is caused by the conditions of the history event? :thinking:

If that thing is possible isn’t better to put it that validation to the character who is doing the history event, not an alter who hasn’t activated that. :thinking:

u should be happy its only punika, my GL is off at north vern, sushire, feiton, yorn, artethine WTF ???

This is mental, if they change the story requirements the least they could do is give us unlimited knowledge transfer like korea has. Locking like dozens of alts out of continents has ZERO benefit for anybody. When the game mechanic has been working fine for like a year now…Imagine being this incompetent in managing the game…rly dissapointing.


i cant enter other regions on 5 characters beouse of this ! is not ok i cant enter just the first zones
i dont whant to waste my time doing something i dont like! i dont have all y to spend on games i work on shifts 12 h

so we need spend 10$ to buy the Punika powerpass?

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why you guys just dont play the story you should have done anyways ?

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We already did at least once. There is no point in doing it more than that, but we did anyway on some continents that unlocked important regions or features. Feiton and Rohendel were unnecessary until now.
I can kinda understand if they implemented this change together with unlimited and instant Knowledge Transfers or at least didn’t lock out players from continents that they already visited (so only new chars affected), but they did this to existing characters too. If you had bifrost or song of return to Punika then it is gone. You can’t get there unless you do Feiton. What purpose does it serve? How do players benefit from this change?

you benefited before , by skipping , which wasnt intended lit seems.
just buy a pass or knoweledge transfer then. easy

i have 13 characters, none is locket out

spend some ingame time


So they didn’t hotfix this? You still have to do the stories you skipped?

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OH NOOOOO I CANT SKIP STORY PART OF THE MMORPG. grow up. its like 1- 1,5 hours per zone or pay golds for skip in stronghold. thats why that option exist.

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Actually quite the opposite. Unless you want to stay locked out forever.

Cus they removed the SH’s ties to the region and want to force you to remember you are not one of them any more.

I mean, shiet, it’s a bit inconvenience but if it’s just story quest wouldn’t you just spend 2 hours or so doing it ? Like, you’re playing this game, the normal grind would take you even longer than that so 2 hours is barely anything

Any update ? I dont understand why you are forcing us to do content for no reason