Why you keep changing GvG?

The matchmaking system for GvG is broken and now we only have 3 matches. Even before that matchmaking of GvG was broken and sometimes you don’t play with some guilds. And now we only get to play just 3 Matches per week and its annoying. You don’t even get to play with everyone who challenged the island and since its 1 time per week it makes 0 sense to me to lower the amount of games you play from 5 to 3. I really wanna learn WHY you changed this and would like to see if AGS/SG planning to revert this change if theres enough feedback from players O_O.

Its simply because on a lot of islands there are not a lot of guilds competing.
I take Thirain as a example as I play on it. Both of the S islands have 2 or 3 guilds competing for it. Which makes you play either against noone or against the same guild 3 times. On the old system even 5 times. Furthermore guilds will only come for a quick gold grab and wont even play the island.
So basically you sit there for 1h15min playing a afk guild 5 times in a row. Thats not fun thats why they changed it.

Talking with other guildmasters we also got the info that this is the case for other servers.
Also for not only S islands. A and even B sometimes are affected

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