Wild Solutions for Gatekeep and Immense Time Use

1> Support Shortage

  • Permanently double Honing Chances for Support until min ilvl req for previous raid (Ex: 1475 this patch)
  • Alternatively, Artisan Energy Generation can be increased instead of honing chance
  • Make an event exclusively to boost only Support Honing Rates when Artist comes out

Literally nobody wants to invest resources into support or play the class
People are sitting in Party Finder to queue for raids and end up spending an insane amount of time just waiting to play the game itself

Flood the game with supports so that people don’t suffer in party finder anymore
This also fixes the issue of low ilvl players not being able to queue into raids
If there’s an oversupply of supports, they will eventually need to go into low ilvl parties
As such, gatekeeping is lightened a lot
The population inbalance of supports to DPS is restored to a good extent

2> Burnout

  • Reduce Gold Weeklies to 2 Raids/wk and keep it there
  • Increase Gold Rewards of Upper-end game raids

NA/EU Server:
Just 6 Alts
18 Raids
Hours of Dailies throughout the week
20+hrs minimum / wk

KR Server:
5 Raids per character
New Raids are not sub 1 hr…
Time Used = Too fking much

For the ones who have 6 chars, you know how long the raids take to the point where you’re either considering or are in a static already.
These new raids are long and will only become longer, but players only have a limited amount of time
How can you push this much content on players and expect them not to get stressed as fk and gatekeep?

The Legion Raids are the main selling point of the game, however they are the reason why most quit

You must solve the Limited Time and Speedrun Completion Mentality issue
Reduce the amount of raids to reduce the amount of time needed weekly, which in turn eases the playerbase’s mentality about using time in this game perfectly
People now have the time to enjoy new raids and have good time on their hands to help new players
Fix the perception of the community to new players by fixing the environment old players are forced into

Ideas are welcome below


Reducing the weekly roster entrances to 2-3 and increasing rewards would lessen the burnout, but they don’t want you to not burnout. Not sure what brilliant, world renowned minds thought of it but that’s the plan. People have been quitting on KR as well thanks to it. Qutting, not spending xD

sure, just think about the ppl who mained support since the beginning and who pushed them to 1520
they had the same cost as dps, but cant bus, cant enjoy solo content and the new pll are like: yay, free support to my dps main?!
won’t happen


if we had a good looking male support, i would have 6 of him. But we dont. paladin is trash and bard female. So no support for me

Well, if those are supposed to be wild, then here goes:

AFAIK we have legit bots in PvP, so just add support bots into raid matchmaking. If matchmaker found 6 DPS but can’t get any supports, then don’t just force 8 DPS run and instead add 2 support bots. Those bots don’t have to be some sort of elite, not much skill is required from a support. Average is just fine. Mechs could be a bit awkward, but you will figure something out I’m sure (maybe use pings).

Just think about the people who played since the beginning and pushed to 1460 before any 1302-1370 honing buff or 1370-1415 stronghold buff was there

They paid the cost way more than new players leveling new chars up
But it was something that must’ve been done to enhance the new player experience and make going to endgame a strong possibility and lay down a guiding light

For certain, something must be done about the lack of supports or players that only pug will play in misery
Maybe permanent double honing is a bit out there, but it can just be 1.3-1.5X and lower the buff a bit. Actually the % chance will look a bit weird so we can just make that increase in Artisan Energy Generation
But a support growth event is a good start to me and very realistic

Roll on support yourself or learn how to live without it,

I see you’re fine with pugging experience to be complete garbage and degenerate overtime

How about finding yourself a guild or a static if you’re not happy?

It is not rocket science when people burn out = leaving the game = no money.

Mate, nothing will be done to prevent any of that. Even recent LOA ON was underwhelming af.

Ye ik I’m just wasting my time lol
We can only just sit and wait for whatever shit SMG conjurers

Yes you are. You’re trying to force SG/AGS to cure issues you invented.

  • nobody forces you to have 6 brel characters
  • nobody forces you to do all chores on 6 characters every day

But you’re greedy, burning yourself out end expect others to fix your mistakes.
Less FOMO.
Edit: forgot the most important - you can always swipe to save your precious time.



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Now I’m feeling bad :frowning:

got FOMO? just don’t, I’m a genius, btw.
watches people get burned out anyways

sigh If only they had your estute wisdom… You can’t bring the mountain to the prophet.

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For dailies: make a option to check Rest Bonus go 100-0 with 1 run, who dont like just uncheck the option.
Legion Raids: make a Rest Bonus for them too.
Most toxicity/gatekeep came from the limited time that everyone have, soo with this changed, will help a lot

I still dont understand why someone wants global change because of their FOMO mindset. you dont have time for raids? dont do them. you dont have time for dailies every day? well guess what. dont do them every day. at this point everyone with big roster and some discord group can clear 6 characters raids in 1 long evening so its not really insanely time consuming. I guess new wave of MMO kids have no idea how grindy other MMOs or ARPG were. when you compare it with lost ark this is basically casual friendly game.

I can try to explain. When the game was coming out in the west, the hardcore KR players were asked how to be most efficient at end game by the hardcore NA players. The hardcore NA players were told that most efficient was 6 characters doing 12 guardian raids and 12 chaos dungeons a day and 18 legion raids a week. So a lot of hardcore players have been holding to that so that when the time comes they can afford their .01% honing chances or whatever craziness it gets to. If they miss out on that they feel like they are being put really far behind and at a disadvantage. So lately a lot of suggestions have been about changing the way things work globally to ease that burden without making people feel like they are falling behind.

I mean. Why would someone need to be most hardcore with biggest ilvl? lets compare it with other MMOs where ppl tried to be best of the best right. in WoW ppl were basically forced to leave their jobs and invest 10k eur+ per raid tier just to have a chance to compete with best of the best and theres no win at the end. its just some prestige in gaming community and that was like 10 years ago when gaming wasnt such a mainstream and they didnt have sponsors or streams to make money from it. Competing with millionares, streamers, rich kids and ppl who live with parents for 40 years is never good idea.