Wild Wing Island

My Main is already 1465. I just don’t push alts because I don’t want to invest 100k for 1370-1415, per character. + Pheons for gear etc etc.

It’s pretty expensive and helping us out to push till 1445 would be awesome. The game starts with relic sets for a bunch amount of classes. Everything be4 is pain.

OFC they dont rmt or whale Take your copium Dose :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I know 1 Streamer WHO does that and He has Like 1 Million gold and a very Well geared Char.
But millions and +25… Stay in your bubble

I got all four. Now to decide which characters gets them lol

Jeah those f2p players who played the marked so hard they managed to get people to buy t2 gems for a million gold each.

Insane players really.