Will Aracana and Reaper be avaliable on realase?


I was looking around internet to find possible class for me, I found interested in Aracana nad Reaper BUT when i check them here on site they are not here, what does it mean? They will be added later or on EU server we will not have a chance to use them?

Thank you!

Not at release, maybe few months after

No and they have not said when we will get them. you can check release classes here Classes | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG (playlostark.com)

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roadmap has been confirmed to come after release. Release gets a bit of time and then roadmap drops. So expect infos regarding your chosen classes late Feb / early March.

In the meantime @switcheRRRR you can consider Gunslinger or Deadeye as a temporary substitute for Arcana and Blade or even Sharpshooter (only because it has stealth) for Reaper.

One thing I learnt about LA is that there are other classes will surprise you how much you like it once you try it. It’s F2P so it’s not like you have to buy it to try it.

for our happy we will not recieve reaper on launch .

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It has been pretty heavily nerfed it is still good, but it is nowhere near the pain it used to bring.

I’m very curious to know which format will be used for other classes that have not yet come at launch, since t3 will come and these classes will be behind the others.