Will assassin, striker, and gunslinger classes be getting skins?

They arn’t shown in the picture and the original skin line doesn’t have those classes, will they be getting skins?

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They’d better, as that was Amazon’s express reason for not having more skins sooner.

If they don’t have a skin for every class people will absolutely lose their shit, and it will 100% be justified for once.

i asked the magic 8 ball



Can you confirm if these classes are getting skins as well? As well as lance master

Lance master has one for sure, the only other one that doesn’t originally have a skin is sorceress

Oh do you have a link to what the lance master one looks like? I couldn’t find it on the KR website

theyre getting skins dont worry, omen skins didnt show every class either on their post but they still had skins for them

its probably the same as the bard as theyre both mage classes

theres lancemaster edit- im dumb thats soulfist

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That’s soul fighter isn’t it?

That’s… soulfist.

and paladin

wait i forgot souflist exists cause its so forgettable

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im hoping that DB gets “modified” version of the scrapper one… that one is really cool :innocent:

I hope so because they pretty much forgot about half the classes out there… for skins…

Also, AGS was saying the reason for the slow release of skins was to make sure every class has skin. If it doesn’t happen… truly sets a bad precedent with their base.

I hope we can get some confirmation on this because Neria’s wardrobe does not substitute for the missing Dawn skins.