Will Brel update increase Una's daily rewards

I know for 1490 characters, the Honing materials will update to the newer materials. But for the Shards and Lopangs in particular, i believe we are getting the same rewards that we were at 1302ilvl.

I recall seeing this chart for Lopang silver (Shushire) which is active in Korea. Considering the huge jump in Shards/Silver requirement for Brel gear, would be nice to see these increase too.



i believe so, cause at 1490+ you are supposed to receive the new leapstones, so they should also upgrade the lopang dailies

never actually focused on doing lopang before
to get that amount of reward, does the alt have to be at the same ilevel range, or only the main need to be in the ilevel range?
like if my main isch 1475, does my 1400 alt receive 29.900 silver too if i do arth lopang with it?

goes according to the character doing the una, so your alt will receive less

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Its based on the gear level of the character running it.

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nice info there. thanks
i guess i need to push my low level alts a little bit higher now

1415 is pretty free to plop lopang alts at these days. Plus 1415 is nice for using up stronghold dispatches as well for Chaos or GRs on these alts too.

Agreed, i started pushing alts 6-12 to 1415 for Deskaluda Farming (So i can continue funnelling to my main 6) But alot of the times they go beyond full rested, hard to find the time to play alts #6-12 with a Job etc.

Thats the good thing though as well, if you got time, yay for extra materials, if not, no biggie really. Thats what my alts 7-10 are. Since I play enough to keep the main 6 from not getting fully rested (and yet still play rest bonus all the time), the 4 extras are just that, extras that i would run OVER running one of the mains NON-RESTED. And 1 usually is fine since they are my dispatch person where I send them off for deska’s in the morning and chaos’s in the evening.

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